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Is Kate Ritchie preparing to return to Home and Away?

Kate Ritchie’s return to Home and Away has long been anticipated, but New Idea has learned that it might be in the works for 2022!

According to production insiders, the NOVA radio personality will make a cameo appearance on the long-running series early next year.

The news follows Kate, 43, meeting with her former co-star, Ray Meagher, over lunch.

Kate was cast in the role of Sally Fletcher when she was just eight years old, and she stayed in the role for 20 years before leaving in 2008.

In 2013, she also made a cameo appearance.

Kate has indicated that she would like to return to her part in Home and Away, noting that she would “always feel tied to Home and Away…

“It will be a very joyous day when I step back onto a film set.”

The actress recently told The Herald Sun that her decision to switch from television to radio was partially motivated by her desire to shed the Sally Fletcher moniker.

“Of course, because I was that girl from Home and Away, I knew I got the position on Merrick and Rosso.”

“I guess I meant to take a break and give everyone a break from me at first, but I’m not sure that occurred.” Instead, it’s been ten years of reinventing my profession,” she says.


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