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Meet Summer Bay’s newest resident! Stunning actress Kirsty Marillier is the latest to join the cast of Home and Away and hopes the long-running soap is her ticket to Hollywood stardom

Countless Australian performers who have gone on to make it great in Hollywood have gotten their start on Home and Away.

As the new character Rose on the soap, actress Kirsty Marillier is hoping to follow in the footsteps of Chris Hemsworth, Isla Fisher, and Melissa George.

She told The Daily Telegraph, “It’s truly like that huge break you seek and yearn for as a student and young actress.”

Despite the fact that she has only been on the set of the programme for five weeks, Marillier is optimistic that the big break will be her ticket to Hollywood.

‘Getting to film this much footage, especially the amount I’ve already done, is an experience that will prepare me for Hollywood, America, and simply being a very good professional actor, which is what I’ve always wanted to be.’

‘I feel like staying in Summer Bay will help me grow so much,’ she continued.

According to Kirsty’s IMDB page, she previously appeared on the programme as a guest star in 2018, but her new character will debut early next year.

Marillier has worked in the theatre before, most recently in Melbourne for the stage production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Of course, many others have gone on to star in Hollywood after appearing on Home and Away.

Chris went on to become a megastar after leaving the drama, courtesy to his role as Thor in the Marvel superhero movies.

In the meanwhile, Tammin Sursok, who played Dani Sutherland, starred in the American television series Pretty Little Liars.

Heath Ledger, the late actor, had his big break on the Channel Seven series as well.

Isla Fisher, who played Shannon Reed from 1994 to 1997, was a fan of romantic comedies.

Melissa George, who portrayed Angel Parrish in the 1990s, came before them.


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