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Neighbours farewell tour provides new update for fans after show return news

The show’s confirmation of a name change is the latest news from the Neighbours UK farewell tour.

The tour said at the time that the drama will still be going on – albeit it could require a new name – when it was revealed last week that it would be returning.

In light of the subsequent change in circumstances, the show has confirmed that its tour will now be known as The Celebration Tour.


The Farewell Tour is being renamed to Neighbours – The Celebration Tour, which perfectly captures what it was always intended to be: a celebration of Neighbours past, present, and FUTURE, they tweeted. “Following the exciting news that the show is returning, we’re rebranding the Farewell Tour (for the third time!)

Neighbours was cancelled by Channel 5 early this year, and its final episode aired over the summer. It was nevertheless confirmed last week that it would be making a comeback on Amazon Freevee.

Since then, it has been revealed that hundreds of episodes are in production. A source told Digital Spy: “As a high-volume daily soap opera, Neighbours will continue to be the programme that its viewers are accustomed to and adore.

“There will be two new seasons with a total of 200 episodes each. Fans, who though they had seen the last of the show when the season finale aired in July, should be extremely happy with the outcome.

The reasoning behind Freevee is that daily episode releases will keep viewers coming back to the streaming service and interacting with other accessible material.


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