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Neighbours: Harlow arrives in London | Home and Away: Alf reflects

This week in Erinsborough and Summer Bay…

Neighbours, Monday to Friday, 1.45pm and 5.30pm

Monday: Shocked by Montana’s indecent request, Leo confides in Glen and asks him to think about it. When Leo returns to Montana with an answer, Glen tells Terese and Chloe the truth. Terese refuses to let Leo go through with it, even though they have won the tender…

Harlow arrives in London, ignoring Ned’s phone calls. Her day is made better when she meets up with her Aunt Harriet after a brief romance with a charming stranger. Their good times are cut short when Harriet realises she has Prue’s diary, and Harlow is crushed. Ned tries to play happy couples with Amy, but Harlow’s quiet becomes increasingly distracting. Amy is concerned that he is depressed since he is under pressure to start a family. Is he going to let his affair with Harlow derail a promising relationship with Amy?

Tuesday: Kyle is concerned about Roxy’s pregnancy optimism. Even if the pregnancy test could be negative, she’s invited half of Ramsay Steet. She is enraged when he advises everyone not to come… She starts to be concerned that she isn’t pregnant. They take the test with bated breath…

Harlow has a drink with Corey to get thoughts of Ned out of her head. She’s finally having fun on her vacation… Until Harriet steals her mother’s diary, that is. Will she be able to find out why her aunt lied to her, and will she be able to get it back? Ned braces himself for a painful confrontation with Amy, but he’s taken aback when he discovers Harlow only gave Amy half the storey. How much longer will Ned be able to keep his dirty little secret hidden from his new girlfriend?

Harlow is conflicted by Corey’s request that she burn her mother’s diary on Wednesday. It’s her final link to Prue, but she wants to be free of The Order, so she burns the diary in the end. She offers to cook Corey a thank-you meal after making amends with her Aunt. When he tells Harlow he’s into her, she reluctantly declines because Ned is still playing in the back of her mind. She recommends that they remain friends, but is this spark too strong to be extinguished?

Kyle and Roxy are reeling from the news that their only shot at having a biological child together has been snuffed out. Terese is taking the initiative, determined to see that the couple is compensated for their awful loss. Kyle, on the other hand, is simply concerned about his wife’s safety. Roxy continues making moves while fielding empathetic phone calls from her family, and she has some news for Kyle…

Chloe and Terese are having trouble getting their Fashion Week ideas past Montana. Chloe is astute enough to notice that Leo seems to get along better with the fashion magnate, and she proposes they utilise him to make their lives easier. Terese unwillingly makes the request, knowing that Montana made a ‘indecent proposition’ to Leo last week, but she has no idea that Leo is currently having an affair with Montana. Meanwhile, Paul arrives home, and Terese and Leo are taken aback by his laid-back demeanour. He claims he wants to stay out of Fashion Week, but Terese is sceptical; she knows he’s doing something…

Thursday: Leo and Terese are concerned about Paul’s motives as he wines and dines Montana Marcel. Terese thinks he’s out to get her, while Leo worries that Paul’s interest in Montana is amorous. They’re pleasantly surprised to discover that they were wrong — Paul’s interest in Montana is solely commercial. Terese is relieved, but she has no idea that he has a plan to lull her into a false sense of security. Meanwhile, Leo is starting to get the sensation that Montana is in charge of their sexy side gig, and it’s not a good one…

David’s life is returning to normal now that Aaron has been released from the hospital. Even a brief concern that Mick has overheard Freya and David discussing their dubious conduct isn’t enough to knock David off track. Freya and David are finally getting the wonderful days they deserve.

Glen’s world is turned upside down when he learns that Leo has hired Ishani to work at the vineyard. While he obsesses over how he’ll work with his daughter on a daily basis, Chloe strikes up a quick friendship with him. It appears to be kismet, with a vacant room at No. 24 and Ishani in need of a new place to call home. Mackenzie has a sneaking suspicion that Chloe’s bright connection with Ishani is romantic, but Chloe hasn’t even considered it. When Nicolette discovers that the lady she’s been heartbroken over is moving into the block, Ishani’s desire to move in goes awry.

Friday: The possibility of Ishani moving in with Chloe makes Nicolette nervous, and Ishani considers backing out. Chloe eventually wins Ishani over by sharing an honest account of her relationship with Nicolette, while Jane helps Nicolette view this as an opportunity to redeem herself in Ishani’s eyes. Everyone seems to have accepted Ishani’s choice to move into No. 24 – but none of the girls realise that Glen is the one who has been most shaken by it.

When Leo tries to back out of a date with Montana, he is disappointed to learn that she will not allow him. David encourages Leo to turn off the computer because he’s worried about what he’s gotten himself into. Montana, on the other hand, refuses, leaving Leo with no idea how to handle the situation without upsetting a key Lassiters partner.

Shannon overcomes her fears and has her hearing checked with Curtis at her side. Shannon, however, remains hesitant even when the test confirms that she requires assistance, confessing that the entire process makes her overly aware of her age. Curtis eventually convinces Shannon that a hearing aid will help her better connect with her granddaughter, which leads to a touching moment between her and Aubrey.

There’s nothing standing in the way of Freya and Levi now that she’s stress-free. It’s evident that these two are made for each other. When David arrives at work, though, he discovers a disturbing anonymous message on his desk that simply states, ‘I know what you did.’ Is Gareth’s nightmare coming back?

Home and Away, Monday to Friday, 1.15pm on Channel 5

Monday: Jasmine and Cash intend to spend the day in bed, enjoying a relaxing morning. That is, until Felicity shows up unexpectedly. She says that they have the entire day to spend Jasmine’s birthday together, champagne in hand. Cash and Jasmine’s plans are shattered. Felicity tugs the couple behind her, eager to start the celebration. Jasmine implores Cash to dump Felicity in hushed tones. Cash, on the other hand, has only recently restored their friendship and is hesitant to sever their tenuous ties. Jasmine is considerate. Cash assures her that he will make amends.

Jasmine musters the guts to inform Felicity they already had plans for just the two of them, determined not to waste her birthday. Felicity, unfazed, handles it better than expected and sends them on their way. Which makes Cash wonder if Felicity is trying to hide her upset sentiments. Dean is remorseful for planting the Jai bomb on Karen. Karen’s calm reaction to the finding of her grandson was unusual. When Dean goes to check on Karen in the morning, he is surprised to discover that she has vanished.

Tuesday: Tane and Nikau settled into a comfortable routine on their warrior training camping trip. Nikau regains his footing as well as his warrior spirit. Tane gives Nikau his father’s Taiaha, which fills him with pride and gratitude. Tane, on the other hand, reminds him of their training’s purpose: they must return and confront what awaits them with Ari. Nikau is aware of the situation. His warrior training isn’t finished yet.

Tane’s attitude toward the closed family ranks shifts once he returns to town. Perhaps now is the moment to accept help rather than push people away. Tane shows up at the trailer site to a befuddled Felicity. They were keeping their distance, Felicity thought. What’s different now? Tane confesses that he has missed Felicity. She sighs with relief. The couple returns to the van after their hot reunion. They wake up in one other’s arms in the morning. Felicity is relieved to discover he hasn’t vanished over night. Tane, who is weak, reveals that he is feeling the strain of maintaining the family together. Felicity reassures him that she believes in him.

Karen is causing Ziggy and Dean concern. Why is she severing Brett’s ties so abruptly? The man was only interested in marrying her. Karen likes him as well. So, what exactly is the issue? Karen becomes increasingly hostile with each inquiry. Dean gains access to Karen’s phone in order to read Brett’s communications. Ziggy is shocked. Dean and Ziggy take Karen to Salt for breakfast after devising a strategy. Karen is perplexed as to why there is such a rush. They had the option of eating at home. On their journey, John comes across them. Brett, Karen’s younger lover, appears while they converse. Karen pretends to be with John, enraged that Brett has followed her down. When Karen places an ardent kiss on John, he is taken aback.

Wednesday: Mia organises a family meal to spread the good vibes of Tane and Nikau’s return, but Chloe is nowhere to be seen. In her loneliness, Bella reaches out to Chloe. When help comes knocking, Chloe is too burdened with guilt to hear it. Chloe reveals to Bella that Ari was previously pulled out of Mia’s life on Chloe’s account. Chloe feels powerless to change the situation, which feels like history repeating itself. Bella believes that she may not be able to change anything, but Chloe is unable to exclude everyone.

Theo’s imminent court case is discussed by Roo and Justin. They’re both hoping for a lenient judge. But Justin wishes Alf would withdraw the charges and relieve Theo from the legal wrangling. Theo is agitated and unprepared for his court appearance. Justin assuages Theo’s fears by assuring him that he is not alone. To calm their worries, the two decide to go suit shopping. Roo tries to persuade Alf to build bridges, but he is deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafen Why apologise when Justin won’t take his apologies and Ryder won’t accept his protection? Alf only accepts apologies on his own terms, according to Roo, which tends to devalue an apology.

Tane surprises Felicity by inviting her to a family dinner. Felicity admits to never having been invited to supper with a boyfriend’s family. The Paratas are ecstatic to see her.

Thursday: Mackenzie, heartbroken, bumps into Logan while picking up takeout for himself and Neve. Logan misses Mackenzie, but he won’t give up on Neve until she embraces her post-traumatic stress disorder. Mackenzie is irritated by this. Logan continues to prefer another lady to her. Dean tries to comfort Mackenzie, but she refuses to talk about it. In the meantime, Logan and Neve are sharing a motel room. Perhaps they’ve grown too accustomed to each other’s company.

Dean goes to the motel, furious on Mackenzie’s behalf, and punches Logan in the face. Mackenzie is enraged at Dean for interfering with their plans. Logan makes his way to Mackenzie, determined to clear the air. Neve is hesitant to let Logan go because she is anxious about his safety. For Logan, Mackenzie draws a line in the sand. She refuses to fall back on the second best alternative. Either Logan phones the army and tells them where Neve is, or their relationship is gone. Logan carries it about like a burden. Neve tries to help him up, but he sees no way up.

Friday: Cash and Jasmine return from their romantic city break ecstatically in love. Irene detects a change in Jasmine and Cash’s relationship. The couple blushes, mindful of their public display of affection. Jasmine gushes about their ‘I love you’ interaction while she’s alone with Irene. Jasmine, who is head over heels in love with Cash, admits to fantasising of a future with him.

Mackenzie demands an honest explanation from Logan after stumbling in on Logan and Neve kissing. Mackenzie acknowledges that she came to fight for their relationship. But she’s beginning to distrust what Logan has told her. Logan is adamant that he wants to be with Mackenzie rather than Neve. Mackenzie’s revelation that she called the army is overheard by Neve, who is listening in from another room. Neve leaves before Mackenzie finishes speaking, thus she misses the part where Mackenzie hangs up without reporting Neve.

Alf mulls about his obsession with Martha, feeling bad for not keeping an eye out for Ryder. Alf is becoming increasingly conscious that Theo is not to blame. Alf apologises to Theo and admits that Theo was correct in that he was seeking for someone to blame. Alf wishes for them to be able to put their history behind them. This chapter has come to an end, and Justin and Theo are relieved.


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