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Sam Frost appears jovial on the Home and Away set despite the surrounding controversy regarding her unvaccinated status

Despite the uproar over her unvaccinated status, Sam Frost has returned to the Home and Away set ahead of her vacation.

The former reality star showed no signs of being bothered by the attention as she posted some behind-the-scenes photos from her day on set.

First, she shared a photo of herself and her new co-star Luke Van Os, who also happens to be Chris and Liam Hemsworth’s cousin, on her Instagram storey from the Summer Bay beach, wearing a stunning coral little dress.

“I reeeeeeally got the giggles on set this morning,” she captioned the happy photo.

Sam also released a video of herself as Jasmine sitting behind a computer with her back to the camera in another footage.

Because she assumed she was out of the picture, the Summer Bay star accidentally let her guard down during a shoot, captioning it: “… Obviously, I was unaware that I was in the frame.”

To make sure her admirers didn’t miss a thing, Sam uploaded a close-up shot of her comical attempt at a self-portrait.

She joked in her caption, “Just busy doing nurse stuff.”

Last week, Sam revealed what her character, Jasmine Delaney, will face as a result of Channel Seven’s obligatory Covid vaccination policy.

She commented on her Instagram storey, “I’m not leaving Home & Away.”

“I’ve scheduled a medical operation for January. As a result, I won’t be fully vaccinated until late February.”

After speaking with her superiors, the 32-year-old went on to say that they had chosen to “temporarily” fire Jasmine for a few weeks.

“I’ll be written off for a few weeks since Jazzy is going on an off-screen excursion… but I’ll be returning,” she revealed.

“My managers are fantastic; we’ve been communicating openly for months. We are quite glad that we were able to come up with a strategy that works for everyone.”

After she released a tearful video admitting to not obtaining the Covid vaccination, Sam’s destiny has been a subject of controversy for viewers of the programme for weeks.

She made global news after publishing her confession, explaining that she had “valid reasons” for not getting the job but wanted to keep them private, and then calling for “empathy” for others who prefer to stay unvaccinated.


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