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Sam Frost mocks Home and Away for its dramatic storylines and frequent fatal car crashes… just weeks after quitting the show

Just weeks after her departure from the long-running soap, Sam Frost has taken a cheeky dig at it.

On Friday, the actress, 32, raised eyebrows by reposting an article from the satirical news website The Betoota Advocate mocking Home and Away’s dramatic plots and many tragic automobile collisions.

‘Home and Away writer sacked for not meeting one-car-crash-scene-per-season criteria,’ read the headline.

‘Writers were clearly instructed in bold, capital letters prior to joining the programme that each season had to include at least “one car collision,” a drug overdose, and, if possible, an explosion,’ according to the article.

‘The caption really made me giggle,’ Sam remarked on Instagram after re-posting the piece.

She also added crying-with-laughter emojis to the original post with her favourite quote from the essay, ‘And if feasible, an explosion.’

Sam, who starred as nurse Jasmine Delaney for four years, has had her share of dramatic on-screen experiences.

She’s been in a vehicle accident, a food truck explosion, and a gas assault.

Last month, the former Bachelorette recorded her farewell scenes for Home and Away at Eveleigh Studios in Sydney.

According to reports, the actress will relocate to Melbourne to be closer to her friends and family.

Sam got her first acting job in 2017 when she joined the cast of Home and Away, where she began her media career as a contestant on The Bachelor.

Some industry insiders described the choice to hire the reality star as “disappointing” and a “publicity stunt” at the time.

One actor claimed that hiring a “unqualified” TV personality was a “insult to trained actors,” and that she had “taken [the role] from those who attended NIDA.”

Summer Bay alumni Charles Cottier was schooled by acting coach Brendan Glanville, who told the Courier-Mail that the long-running serial had ‘jumped the shark.’

‘It suggests that Home and Away has lost faith in its authors if directors are resorting to this kind of trick, rather than leveraging their storey lines to bring viewers in,’ said Mr Glanville, creative director of the Australian Acting Academy.

‘This is what’s known as “jumping the shark” – in other words, striving to create notoriety for something that is viewed as not warranting the attention, especially something that is believed to be past its prime,’ he continued, although recognising Sam may have a “natural skill.”

Paul O’Brien, who played Jack Holden on Home And Away from 2005 to 2008 and is now an acting instructor, was less harsh, but agreed that Sam got the part ‘because she’s a personality,’ not necessarily because of her acting ability.

Despite her lack of acting experience, Channel Seven defended placing Sam in a recurring part in a statement at the time.

The representative stated, “Sam’s audition blew us away.”

‘Sam will be in fantastic company when she joins the cast of Home and Away, and she is set to embark on a new chapter in her career.’


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