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SAS Australia’s Dan Ewing reveals the challenges of fatherhood and living in a different state to his young son

Dan Ewing isn’t immune to the effects of border restrictions as a result of lockdown.

Due to travel limitations, the actor, who is presently a recruit on SAS Australia, hasn’t seen his seven-year-old son Archie, whom he shares with previous fiancée Marni Little, in months, according to The Daily Telegraph.

‘My young kid resides in Queensland, and I’m in NSW, so that part, like many Australian families, has been the most hard,’ the 36-year-old explained.

Instead, he has made it a point to write a thankfulness diary entry with his kid every morning, which he says he appreciates.

Border closures have been a difficult obstacle for many Australians, but the former Home and Away star has turned that difficulty into positive thinking.

He reflected about missing his kid’s seventh birthday and chose to be grateful for being a parent and that his son was able to spend the day with his mother and friends.

‘Seeing things through a fresh perspective brought me so much delight.’ ‘If you alter how you look at things, the things you look at will change,’ the actor explained.

Dan, like many others anxious to travel, said he would plan a trip up to Queensland to see his kid as soon as the border was crossed.

‘I’m going straight to the Gold Coast to see my young kid and search for a property – largely so that our fishing excursions aren’t disrupted by border restrictions if it happens again,’ he explained.

This comes after Dan recently revealed on the Imperfectly Perfect Podcast what it was like shooting the horrific helicopter ladder challenge on SAS Australia.

He talked on how demanding the programme was, saying that everything you see on camera is ‘100% true,’ and that he was ‘constantly stressed.’

‘It’s a massive job; 18 people have to go across the ladder, and the helicopter has to be reset.’ It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this is a film set, and that the helicopter is being reset… We spent the entire day there.’

‘The duties, the discomfort, and being called every name in the book, as well as the sleep deprivation – that’s all true,’ he added.


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