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Sophie Dillman shares unreal throwback of one of Home And Away’s biggest, most tragic stars

Sophie Dillman has posted a rare behind-the-scenes photo from the set of Home And Away – but it doesn’t feature her, boyfriend Patrick O’Connor, or any of the current cast members.

In reality, the picture she uploaded on Instagram on Friday portrayed Heath Ledger, a Home And Away alum with whom she never actually shared the screen.

A young Heath may be seen posing with his arms at his sides in blue shorts and a long sleeve white and navy shirt in what appears to be a costume trailer.

In the photo, he is surrounded by piles of clothing, which was most likely taken while testing outfits or for continuity reasons.

Sophie was astounded by the find, which she looked to have made on the present set of Home And Away.

“I can’t believe we collaborated… Despite the fact that we are from different decades, we are fundamentally the same “In the caption, she made a joke.

Heath played local bad boy Scott Irwin, who had a brief teen relationship with Sally Fletcher, played by Kate Ritchie, in just 10 episodes of the drama in 1997.

Kate said on Anh’s Brush with Fame in 2021, “My own experience working with him was that he was extremely handsome and just enjoyable.”

“And, of course, I was the envy of all the girls on site. Because I was the one who got to kiss him multiple times.”

Heath proved he was a brilliant actor even though he was only on the show for a short time, and he quickly moved on to bigger Australian ventures before travelling overseas for his film career in 1998.

The Australian actor, who appeared in films such as Brokeback Mountain and The Dark Knight, tragically died in 2008 from an accidental overdose.

He’s one of many well-known Australian actors who got their start on Home And Away, with Chris Hemsworth and Isla Fisher among those who appeared on the show early in their careers.

Summer Bay’s stage is now occupied by a fresh ensemble of young performers, including Sophie herself, her boyfriend Patrick, and a slew of others, as well as a few old favourites, such as Lynne McGranger as Irene Roberts.


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