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Stephen Peacocke: ‘I’m headed back to Hollywood!’

Stephen Peacocke garnered a legion of female fans as Darryl ‘Brax’ Braxton on Home and Away, but his new role, Ben Chigwell, on Five Bedrooms, is making his fans fall just as hard.

The comedy-drama is now in its third season, and it follows five single adults who meet at a wedding and buy a property together while inebriated.

The 40-year-old TV Week Logie winner talks to New Idea about his early days as a television toy boy, growing up, and why he’s a country boy at heart.

How fulfilling is it that his show has a strong international following?

It’s fantastic! It’s incredible to be a part of a production that reaches such a large audience.

Ben has a long-term connection with a much older woman. We’re familiar to the ‘older man dating a younger female’ scenario, but not so much the other way around. When you read for the part, how did you feel?

It’s a great storey to be a part of since it’s entertaining, engaging, and oddly accurate. Plus, I get to work with Doris Younane, who is incredible. I enjoy showing up to work knowing that we’ll be working on sequences together. She’s one of the best in Australia!

Away from the set, you live in Dubbo’s wilderness. Is that part of your plan to keep your life as ‘normal’ as possible?

I’m not a big fan of crowds or hustle and bustle in general, so we’re perfect for the country lifestyle. I’ve been fortunate in that whenever a fan approached me on the street, they were polite and respectful.

You recently turned 40 years old. Are you bothered by the fact that you’re getting older?

Birthdays have never been something I’ve paid attention to. I’d definitely forget about my birthday if it weren’t for my wife [Bridgette Sneddon] reminding me! To be honest, reaching my forties has been a lot of fun so far. I’m thankful to be in good shape, to be working, and to be surrounded by family and friends. There isn’t much to complain about.

Are you having a good time right now?

Yep. I’ve had a lot of good fortune, and I never take it for granted.

After leaving HAA, you travelled to Hollywood and landed roles in a number of successful films before returning to Australia. Do you still have a thing for Hollywood?

Certainly. I have a fantastic team over there that, when I’m not working on projects here, sends me audition notices for which I can apply. I’ve had a great time working there. The people were wonderful, and Hollywood, as we all know, is the epicentre of the industry.


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