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There’s another one! Meet Chris and Liam Hemsworth’s hot ‘secret cousin’ as he prepares to make his debut on Home and Away

The Hemsworths are undeniably one of Hollywood’s sexiest couples.

Fans of the renowned brothers will be ecstatic to learn that a new member of the family is gearing up to make his acting debut.

Luke Van Os, Chris and Liam’s cousin, is scheduled to join the long-running Australian serial Home and Away, following in Chris’ footsteps.

Luke, 24, is linked to the Hemsworths via his father, Robert, who is their mother Leonie’s brother.

Last month, Luke revealed that he will be joining Home and Away, the soap on which Chris, 38, played Kim Hyde from 2004 to 2007.

On Instagram, he said, “I’m so pleased to finally announce that I will be joining the Home and Away crew.”

‘One of the Summer Bay favourites has a tight relationship with my character Xander. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the incredible cast, staff, and Channel Seven for making me feel so at home in this long-running family.

‘Thank you to my friends, family, and team for their unwavering support during this long trip; now the real job begins.’ In 2022, keep an eye out for Xander on the big screen.’

In the comments section of his Instagram post, Chris complimented his cousin.

‘Congratulations, mate, that’s incredible,’ Chris remarked.

Chris practised lines with Luke over Zoom before his audition, Luke previously told The Daily Telegraph.

Luke told the newspaper, “When I was invited for a comeback for the chemistry test, I actually met with Chris the night before and we ran it (the scene) and sort of just got into a nice mood.”

‘His advise was to be kind, put in the effort, and the work doesn’t stop now,’ Luke recalled of his renowned relative.

Luke also expressed gratitude for his cousins Chris, Liam, 31, and Luke, 41, who have succeeded in their jobs and provide him with ‘insights’ into the business.

‘It’s fantastic that they paved the path for me because I’ve absorbed all of their knowledge, and they’ve been a tremendous help throughout the years.’ ‘I am lucky,’ he remarked.


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