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10 huge Neighbours spoilers for next week

Next week on Neighbours, a dispute between two brothers may erupt on Ramsay Street, a former couple may rekindle their relationship, and Nell Rebecchi may have issues with her crystal ball.

Here are some spoilers for the upcoming episode of Neighbours.

1. Mick has overstayed his welcome

It didn’t take long for Chloe to become tired of Mick, and despite being the one who brought him there in the first place, Harlow has now joined her.

Amy is another Erinsborough resident who wants Mick to go after suspecting that he has revealed a secret she has been holding — and showing up to a party wearing something exceedingly insulting does not help matters.

But does Amy have enough evidence to bring Mick down, and has he truly revealed her secret?

2. Did Melanie make the correct decision?

Mel and Nell were having a good time when Nell requested her to contact Sonya through her crystal ball. Mel is shaken by the situation and is unclear how to react without exacerbating the problem.

Knowing she needs to say something, Melanie informs Nell that Sonya adores the outfit she is wearing, hoping that this would suffice to satisfy Nell and prevent her from pressing any further. Sadly, Nell’s need to talk with Sonya is only going to grow…

3. Paul takes a risky step

Terese has ruffled Paul’s feathers by not wearing her wedding band, and she explains that she misplaced it on a Queensland beach, not realising that Glen discovered it and has been keeping it a secret.

In order to gain Terese’s favour, Paul plans to purchase her another one so that she feels compelled to wear it. However, things do not go as planned for Paul, and he quickly realises that he may have made another error.

4. Will Chloe and Nicolette get back together?

There have been no hints that Chloe and Nicolette will reconnect since their dramatic break-up and the events that followed – but that is about to change this week.

Nic accepts Chloe’s offer of a concert ticket. The two had a better time than predicted, and the ice appears to be thawing. And their relationship quickly develops into a kiss, leading Chloe to believe they are ready to reconnect, only to be surprised when she learns what is going on in Nicolette’s thoughts.

Will Chloe’s dreams for a romantic reunion be dashed by what Nicolette tells her?

5. Terese astounds Glen

When Terese accepts the new ring that Paul has given her, it appears that it may have worked after all, but Glen is not happy. Glen is determined to keep Terese as far away from Paul as possible, and he encourages her to recognise that Paul is once again manipulating her.

Terese quickly makes a choice, and Paul finds that Glen played a role in it – and realises that their feud is still alive and well.

6. Jimi Hendrix backs Kyle

Hendrix and Mackenzie return from their holiday and learn of Kyle’s condition shortly after. Hendrix swiftly shifts into buddy mode, indicating that he is available to Kyle for whatever he requires.

Kyle accepts his offer of assistance and asks him to go pick up Roxy’s dress for the Police Ball, but that easy operation does not go as planned. What will Hendrix do, and will Kyle regret trusting him to assist him?

7. Will it be Paul vs. Glen once more?

Paul is furious to find that Glen has been plotting against him and that their rivalry is still going strong. Leo and David, determined to confront the matter front on, need to speak some soothing words to help calm the situation.

They try to urge Paul to have a serious conversation with Glen about everything in order to reach a peaceful resolution. Will an enraged Paul listen to their advise, or are they set to go to fight once more?

8. Nell’s desire to speak with Sonya intensifies

At number 30, the crystal ball is still causing issues, with Nell becoming increasingly concerned with attempting to connect with Sonya. Melanie offers to talk to her, but Toadie says he’ll take care of it – but instead, he manages to make matters worse by smashing the ball.

Toadie agrees to let Mel try, and he is ecstatic when she is able to communicate with her. As a result, she appears to have cemented her place as a member of the Rebecchi family.

9. There’s a fight between Levi and Ned

Amy, Levi, and Ned’s struggles with having three people in their relationship will continue next week as the Police Ball brings new obstacles. With Amy already distraught, Ned expresses his worries to Levi, stating that having her as his date will merely add to the talk and further harm her.

However, Levi suspects that Ned’s refusal to let her go is only a ruse to allow him to resume his plan to have her all to himself. Is that Ned’s underlying motivation, or is he sincerely concerned about his girlfriend?

10. Mackenzie’s concern for Harlow becomes more intense

The extent of Harlow’s recent personality change has not gone unnoticed by viewers, but many on Ramsay Street have been slower to notice.

When Mackenzie sees Harlow’s lack of compassion for people she used to care about, such as Kyle and Roxy, and what they’re going through next week, she can’t help but notice.

Mack is left to wonder if the old Harlow is still alive, but will she be able to communicate with her, or is the new Harlow here to stay?


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