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11 huge Neighbours spoilers for next week

The mystery surrounding Freya develops — and gets violent – next week on Neighbours.

Meanwhile, Paul’s falsehoods bring him what he wants, but everything is about to go apart.

Here are 11 spoilers for next week’s episode of Neighbours.

1. Aaron and David must make a difficult decision

Leo’s desire that David and Aaron become Abigail’s legal parents throws David and Aaron off. While they both want to help, they are aware of the magnitude of the impact on their life – particularly for Aaron, who will be responsible for both children while David is at work.

The two agree to take her in the hopes that Leo would realise his error and change his mind about the arrangement. A thankful Leo, on the other hand, shows no signs of changing his mind about what’s best for his daughter.

2. Roxy goes too far with Freya

Although Freya has won over the majority of Erinsborough, Roxy’s misgivings linger, so she arranges some girl time to get to know her better. Roxy plays nice with her in the hopes that she will open up and tell her what she is hiding when they go out for coffee.

Unfortunately, Freya keeps a lot of information about her personal life under wraps, so Roxy decides to sneak into her house later to hunt for answers – but she quickly regrets it…

3. Amy regains her mojo

Amy made the hasty decision to acquire a food truck after The Flamingo Bar closed, and she now has no idea what to do with it. She tries to enlist the support of friends, but everyone is too preoccupied, leaving her with the impression that her luck would never change.

However, a conversation with Toadie over drinks convinces her that the truck does not have to be used for food at all; she can use it for beverages instead. The Drinks Diva is formed from that concept, but will it be the success Amy hopes for?

4. A nasty incident has left Roxy shaken

Freya strikes Roxy with a hunting knife and flees quickly, leaving Roxy shaken. She informs the Cannings about the incident, but they side with Freya — Roxy did, after all, break in.

Roxy, on the other hand, is convinced that the knife Freya was carrying is one that the cops would seize and question. Levi, on the other hand, is too preoccupied with his future relationship to listen to Roxy’s warning. What is Freya trying to hide?

5. Jane is the target of school gossip

Next week, Amy makes another blunder when she tells Zara about Jane’s use of concealed cameras to spy on Nicolette. Of course, Zara informs her classmates about the bear, and word quickly spreads throughout Erinsborough High.

Jane is completely unaware that she is the subject of conversation until she arrives at class and discovers a camera-equipped teddy bear on her desk. Jane is incensed by the finding, but is Zara to blame for it?

6. Paul and Terese reunite for the first time

Paul and Terese are back together after a rough few months, and he spares no time in making a great romantic gesture for her. The couple invites the family over to celebrate the reunion, and Paul takes use of the opportunity to ask Terese a question: will she marry him again?

Terese agrees, and a wedding appears to be on the cards – but David is growing increasingly concerned that Paul’s mysterious condition isn’t what it appears to be.

7. Zara is adamant about her innocence

The schoolyard prank on Jane gets people talking, and when it’s revealed that the bear came from number 30, it’s evident that Zara was behind it. Susan is forced to decide on a punishment for Amy, and Amy is forced to apologise for telling her about Jane in the first place — until a convenient alibi emerges.

But, while it appears that Zara is to blame, she insists that she did nothing more than spread the rumour. Will anyone believe her if she’s telling the truth?

8. David must make a difficult decision

David and Karl’s encounter with Paul’s doctor does not go well, leaving them with more concerns than answers about his sickness. Soon after, David conducts additional research on the doctor, and what he discovers encourages him to question what Paul has been up to.

When Paul confronts him about it, he eventually admits everything but asks David to keep quiet for Terese’s sake. David, on the other hand, is not in the mood to assist his father in his falsehoods, and Paul’s world is about to be rocked once more.

9. Leo stands his ground

When Karl informs Aaron that he wants Leo’s help with certain medical concerns he has regarding Abigail, the troubles with David and Aaron raising her become clear.

While the issue isn’t life-threatening, it prompts Aaron to speak with Leo, who makes it obvious that Abigail is now their daughter in his opinion. Will Leo realise he’s making a terrible mistake, or is he focused on permanently abandoning his child?

10. Freya has a confession to make

Roxy enlists the help of Ned and Harlow to investigate Freya’s mysteries, and they travel to her hometown to discover who knows her. They finally find someone who remembers her after a long search, but what can he tell them?

Meanwhile, knowing that Levi’s suspicions are high, Freya realises that she needs to tell him why she’s in Erinsborough, but Levi will be furious when he learns the truth.

11. Paul’s plan comes to a halt

Paul is devastated by David’s betrayal, and the hurt only gets worse when Terese proclaims that any future they had together is over.

While she runs home to seek consolation from her friends, including a sympathetic Glen, Paul devises a scheme to show her how sorry he is – and in the process, he attracts a lot of attention on Ramsay Street.

But he quickly realises that he may have gone too far this time, and Terese does not appear to be willing to forgive and forget.


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