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11 huge Neighbours spoilers for next week

On Neighbours next week, a reunion 30 years in the making takes place, a hidden camera causes havoc, and Amy makes an unexpected discovery.

Here are 11 spoilers for next week’s episode of Neighbours.

  1. Kyle tries to shield Sheila from learning the truth

Kyle has been attempting to keep his sickness a secret from as many people as possible, and Sheila is one of the individuals he wants to keep in the dark about it.

Sheila, on the other hand, senses something is up, and before long she’s sitting him and Roxy down for some awkward intimacy counselling. Kyle realises that the only way to conceal the truth from her is for her to leave town for a bit – but would she?

  1. Terese reverts to drinking

Terese’s joy at Paul returning home is short-lived when she discovers he has remained with her in Queensland – and she doesn’t trust him when he claims to have seen his missing brother.

Terese becomes overwhelmed and finds up alone and drunk on the beach. When she is at her lowest, she receives assistance from an unexpected source: Paul’s brother, Glen Donnelly. Terese, on the other hand, has no notion who he is…

  1. Hendrix and Mackenzie are left with a sour taste in their mouths

Toadie strolling in on a romantic moment is the worst thing that can happen to a couple, and that is exactly what happens to Hendrix and Mackenzie next week. But things are no less awkward at Number 28 when Karl and Susan give them a sit-down discussion and inform them that they are free to do anything they want under their roof.

Will Mack and Hendrix be too embarrassed to consider sex again, or will they end up with their own blue box?

  1. Paul meets Glen Donnelly face to face

The hatred between Paul and Glen was at an all-time high when they last talked in 1992, so Glen is surprised when Paul embraces him when they meet again.

Paul invites Terese to meet Lucy, ostensibly to put the bad blood behind them, but Terese soon realises he is the same guy who rescued her. Paul may be relieved that he and Glen can finally attempt to be brothers, but has Glen let go of his hatred for him?

  1. The plan devised by Ned and Felicity is revealed

Since Felicity arrived on the scene, the connection between Amy, Levi, and Ned has been strained, and Ned joining forces with her does not help matters.

While their reasoning makes sense, Amy and Levi are not pleased when they realise what has been going on. Ned wants Amy all to himself, while Felicity does not want to be a part of a poly relationship. Will anything bring these four together, especially since Levi is still intent on seeing Amy?

  1. Kyle is getting ready for surgery

Kyle has a lot on his plate right now, including preparing for his upcoming surgery following his cancer diagnosis. Roxy is one of the few people who knows what’s up with him, and she’s trying to make things as simple as possible for him.

Kyle, on the other hand, starts to think she’s fussing a bit too much and needs to talk to her about it, while assuring that he appreciates what she’s trying to do. Roxy, on the other hand, is about to make a huge mistake…

  1. At Number 32, a camera causes issues

Living under the same roof was meant to help Aaron, David, and Nicolette work out their differences, but a concealed camera quickly threatens to derail any hope of peace.

When Nicolette discovers it, she is enraged and accuses the lads of employing deceptive methods to keep an eye on her. They, on the other hand, claim to have no idea where it originated from or why it’s there. But who put it there if it wasn’t someone from Number 32?

  1. Levi makes a choice

Levi’s love life has been the subject of much speculation recently, but he decides to call it quits with Felicity next week. While Ned mulls over whether he wants to keep sharing his girlfriend, Amy suggests that she and Levi resume their relationship where they left off.

However, it looks that they will not be able to do so simply when Levi receives some fascinating news.

  1. Kyle and Roxy had a fight

Roxy is on the receiving end of Kyle’s anger as his day begins with terrible news – and she, too, has been grappling with recent events.

Roxy ends up spilling the beans to a stunned Sheila, and Kyle is furious when he learns the truth. Sheila, on the other hand, is eager to mediate between the two, suggesting that they try honesty boxes. Will her strategy, however, assist the feuding couple in resolving their differences?

  1. Amy learns the truth about Mick

After Mick allows himself into Amy’s flat, she is surprised to receive an unannounced late-night visitor. She quickly discovers that he has been squatting and realises that this is information that may lead to his termination, which would benefit Chloe.

But, before Amy can blow the beans, she discovers that he may have information on her that will put a halt to her plans. What does Mick know, and will Amy reveal it to Chloe?

  1. Terese is preoccupied with Glen

Terese arrives in Erinsborough from Queensland, eager to tell Susan about how horrible things had gotten for her while she was gone. She also shares the news of Paul’s long-lost half-reappearance brother’s and how he was able to assist her when she needed it most.

While she doubts the two would ever meet again, she has no clue that Glen will be returning to Ramsay Street…


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