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11 huge Neighbours spoilers for next week

Next week on Neighbours, Kyle and Roxy may be getting married, Glen expresses his genuine thoughts, and Jane is taken to the hospital.

Here are 11 Neighbours spoilers to look forward to in the next episodes.

1. Terese develops a dislike for Glen

Paul was unclear if he and his long-lost half-brother Glen would ever see one other again after being reunited after 30 years. Glen, on the other hand, has returned to Erinsborough, and Paul is glad that he appears eager to establish a relationship.

When Glen is with Terese, he shows a whole different side by making sure she understands what a horrible man Paul is. Paul has no idea. Terese, perplexed as to why he has returned at all, resolves to confront him about it – and is taken aback when she does.

2. Chloe and Harlow feel compelled to work together

Despite the fact that Harlow is the one who got Mick into difficulty at Lassiters in the first place, Harlow quickly becomes as tired of him as Chloe. Harlow, regretting the predicament she has created, decides that the only way to get rid of Mick is for her and Chloe to work together.

But, since the two ladies are in love, will they be able to work together for the greater good, or will Mick get the final laugh?

3. Terese has a rude awakening during her AA meeting

Terese is taken aback when she learns exactly how deep Glen’s anger towards Paul runs after she questions him about it. Glen makes an unexpected admission, leaving Terese dubious whether spending time with him is a smart decision.

Terese has an AA meeting to go before she can think about it, but she is taken aback when she comes in and finds Glen there.

4. The concealed camera is still causing issues

Tense is the word of the day at Number 32, as the repercussions from the hidden camera unfolds, and Isla’s naming day may be postponed as a result.

a culpable Jane sets out to ensure that the day goes off without a hitch, but will she be able to persuade them all to see reason?

5. Is Glen putting his life in jeopardy?

When Terese stepped into her AA meeting, she wasn’t expecting to see Glen, especially since he had omitted to reveal his own addictions when he came to her help in Queensland. But her worries quickly shift when she discovers that Glen has accepted a job with Leo at the vineyard — the absolute last place a recovering alcoholic should be.

Will Terese comprehend Glen’s motives for not being honest with her, or is he setting himself up for a fall?

6. Jane had a car accident

Jane tries to set things right next week, despite the stress of frequent squabbling and the prospect of Isla’s naming day being cancelled.

Jane enlists the help of Chloe, and the two begin the task of making the house ready for a party. However, things do not go according to plan, and instead of resolving the situation, Jane has a horrible accident. Leo is forced to rush to her aid when she is left alone and comatose on the floor.

7. Kyle and Roxy make a life-changing decision

Kyle is recovering from his operation, but he is concerned about the future, particularly in terms of whether he will be able to please Roxy.

Roxy wants Kyle to know that she will always be there for him, and she is determined to put him at ease in their relationship. When Roxy proposes, she leaves a dumbfounded Kyle speechless, and he reacts with a yes right away. It appears that the Canning family will be expanding their ranks.

8. Jane is rescued by Leo

Jane is alone on the floor at number 32, and things do not appear to be going well for her, but happily, Leo arrives shortly after and is able to assist her. As Jane is brought to the hospital, news of what happened spreads, and Nic is left feeling bad about their dispute right before it occurred.

Jane wakes up quickly, and the two of them quickly put their difficulties behind them. Is this the end of the squabbles?

9. Amy becomes irritated

Amy enlists the help of both Levi and Ned to ensure that Erinsborough has a memorable Christmas celebration. She’s delighted they’re there because a giant ornament falls from The Flamingo Bar’s roof, and they’re there to fix it.

Amy feels more agitated than she imagined after witnessing her two guys work together – but will she tell them what she is thinking?

10. Will Sheila join Kyle and Roxy in celebrating?

Sheila is taken aback when she hears of Kyle and Roxy’s engagement. While the happy couple is looking forward to their wedding, Sheila is concerned that they would not have considered it if Kyle’s recent diagnosis had not prompted them to do so.

Kyle insists that they are doing it for the right reasons and want to build a future together, in order to reassure his grandmother that he knows what he is doing. Will Sheila approve of the couple?

11. Melanie is put on the spot by Nell

Melanie appears to be following in the footsteps of the famed Madame Zolga by setting up a psychic stand at the Christmas celebration.

All of the fun and games, however, come to a halt when Nell takes a seat at the stand and makes a request that Melanie must carefully consider. Will Melanie be able to handle the matter with the subtlety required? What does Nell want Melanie to do?


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