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11 huge Neighbours spoilers for next week

On tonight’s episode of Neighbours, the mysterious Freya makes an impression on Erinsborough, Amy’s life is in jeopardy, and Paul and Terese may reconcile.

Here are 11 spoilers for next week’s episode of Neighbours.

1. Levi and Freya become closer

Freya may have arrived in Erinsborough under mysterious circumstances, but she has quickly won over the town’s residents. As she and Levi spend more time together, other residents have the opportunity to meet her, and they all tell Levi the same thing: she’s fantastic, and he should seize the opportunity to learn more about her.

Is Freya’s interest in Levi genuine, or is there another cause for her developing fondness for him?

2. Amy makes a hasty choice

Amy is distraught and at a loss for what to do after the demolition of The Flamingo Bar and the decision not to rebuild it, which causes her to make a rash decision.

Amy hastily arranges a meeting after seeing an advertisement for a food truck and falls for a hard-sell method, losing virtually all of her cash in the process. Amy now has no choice but to ensure that her new business venture is successful.

3. Zara is causing more havoc

Zara is prepared for her first day at Erinsborough High, but we don’t believe the school is. Zara makes a big impact when she shows up with her uniform changed, and Susan and Jane are quick to warn her she needs to correct it before the next day.

Zara, on the other hand, isn’t interested in following the rules and instead wants to create as much havoc as possible, even by setting off the fire alarm directly in front of Jane.

4. Kyle is confronted with a difficult position

Kyle and Roxy are on their honeymoon, and they’re determined to forget about the recent tragedy and enjoy their time together. Kyle is determined to satisfy Roxy, which leads to his applying more testosterone patches than is necessary.

That backfires when Kyle becomes uneasy while out on the town and is compelled to confess what he did to Roxy – and then make a hasty retreat back to the hotel.

5. Amy is taken to the hospital

Amy is still recovering from her storm injuries and is attempting to wrap her head around her rash business purchase – the last thing she needs is further turmoil from Zara.

But she gets into trouble, and Amy is outraged with her daughter for forcing the school to be evacuated. Zara pushes Amy, who drops to the floor in pain, and the two end up in a tense altercation. Zara walks away, believing she is putting on a show, but she is about to discover how serious the situation is.

6. Terese and Paul become closer

Being at the penthouse together seemed to be exactly what Paul and Terese needed to rekindle their relationship. She enjoys caring for him as he recovers from his injuries, while he is not in any hurry to get back on his feet as a result of her presence.

However, they recognise that the road to reconciliation will not be easy, and they recognise that they have a lot to work through, so the possibility of returning to counselling is discussed. Will it be any different this time, given the last time’s disaster?

7. Leo lets out his rage

Leo is having trouble moving on from the storm’s events, and in true Robinson manner, he’s looking for someone to blame – and he’s got his sights set on Lassiters. However, while spending time with Chloe, he discovers that Terese hesitated in issuing the evacuation order, which makes her the person to blame for what he has lost.

While everyone else assures Terese that it was not her fault, Leo is determined to make sure she pays.

8. Paul and Terese try counselling once more

The last time Paul and Terese tried marriage counselling, they ended up ripping each other to shreds and things were worse than they’d ever been.

However, there is a sort of breakthrough this time when Paul reveals stories about his mother’s protracted illness and death, as well as how terribly he behaved at the time. Terese is overjoyed to see Paul so open, but could this be the start of them rekindling their romance?

9. Leo shifts his gaze away from the game

The stress of becoming a single parent will take its toll on Leo next week, which will be exacerbated by his wrath towards Terese.

David and Aaron volunteer to look after Abigail because they can tell he’s having trouble combining his responsibilities and his sadness. But Leo is certain that he is all Abigail requires, and he persists – only to take his gaze away from her as she falls from the sofa to the floor. Is Abigail going to be okay?

10. What is Freya trying to hide?

Levi and Freya have been enjoying one other’s company and are now going on a genuine date, much to Sheila’s delight. In fact, Levi is so comfortable around her that he tells her everything about the beating he had as a youngster and the epilepsy he developed as a result.

Freya is compassionate and reassuring, yet there is something she is concealing. What is she hiding from Levi, and will it cause him problems?

11. Terese confesses to Paul that she has feelings for Glen

After their breakthrough in counselling, Paul and Terese are both feeling closer, but Terese is plagued by guilt and realises she has no choice but to confess.

Terese informs Paul that moving into the penthouse was motivated by remorse, but she was also starting to develop feelings for Glen. She is taken aback when Paul does not erupt in wrath but instead shows compassion and understanding, but is he as relaxed as he appears?


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