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A romantic wedding and a tragic death: 6 huge Neighbours spoilers

While a gorgeous wedding is taking place this week, Erinsborough is being ravaged by a ferocious storm, which has left the Lassiters complex in shambles. One of the Neighbors will be unable to attend the weekend festivities.

Roxy’s (Zima Anderson) and Kyle’s (Chris Milligan) wedding day arrives, and everyone is excited for the big day. Will it go off without a hitch after so many setbacks?

Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) is in a pickle when she finally turns her back on Glen (Richard Huggett) during the wedding, and he quickly goes on with someone else. This unexpected change of events is too much for her to bear. Will her resentment drive her to take desperate measures?

A hurricane swoops down on the town in the middle of the wedding reception, smashing everything in its path while everyone is distracted having a good time. Lives are on the line, and at least one individual tragically loses his or her life. But who is it, exactly?

Terese now has to deal with a new emotion: guilt. Why does she believe she is to blame for the death?

How will the residents of the area cope with their losses in the aftermath of the severe weather?

Here’s what’s coming up next in Neighbours.

Terese notices the monster with the green eyes

Glen and Terese’s sexual chemistry is heating up, and the sparks between them might power Erinsborough now that they’re under one roof. Glen comes to his senses and realises he needs a distraction, so he concentrates on Gemma instead. While his intentions are good, they rouse the beast — Terese wants him and isn’t happy that Gemma might be the one to get him.

Terese’s green eyed monster is in full swing when she sees them together at the wedding, and she is forced to admit her feelings to Susan. But simply admitting it aloud makes her realise how insane the situation is and how it will never happen. She chooses to suppress her emotions and continue with Paul. Glen is devastated when he sees her standing by Paul’s side.

Kyle promises to make the wedding a reality

After so many negative omens, Roxy decides to call off the wedding. She’s had it with it. Kyle, on the other hand, isn’t so easily persuaded. He refuses to give up and enlists the support of their entire family to get things back on track. Roxy begins to soften as she sees how much work he is putting in. She aspires to be his wife, and even the bad weather can’t dampen her spirits. The wedding party pulls it off, and the ceremony goes on as planned. Kyle and Roxy are husband and wife, and their wedding is romantic, beautiful, and flawless.

Local is killed by a lightning strike

Everyone is so engrossed in the wedding that they are oblivious to the approaching storm. Several of the wedding guests seek refuge in the Flamingo pub, but the weak construction is unable to shield them from the weather, and a lightning strike destroys the structure, trapping some of the locals. Among the visitors fighting for their life are Paul Robinson and Leo’s girlfriend Britney. Terese cradles her spouse as she waits for emergency services to arrive; will he die before they arrive?

Leo distraught by sudden death

The abrupt death has a big impact on the Tanaka family, but it’s Leo who takes the brunt of it. As the plot progresses seven days to the memorial, it becomes evident that Paul has survived and is receiving therapy in a hospital. Leo is in pain, and despite his loved ones’ best efforts, he pushes them away. When the memorial arrives, it’s a tough one; Leo withdraws within himself, while Terese struggles with guilt. Leo pushes everyone away, but Nicolette, to his surprise, protects him from himself. What has he lost, and will he be able to recover?

Terese’s remorse

As the day of the memorial approaches, Terese is consumed with remorse about the disaster at the Lassiters complex. She flees the ceremony, unable to control her feelings. Chloe notes Terese’s strange behaviour and deduces what she is thinking and feeling. Terese makes a life-changing decision in an attempt to put things right. She decides to return to Paul, who believes that this is the beginning of bridging the massive chasm that has arisen in their marriage. It’s all about relieving Terese’s guilt for her. What does this signify for their relationship, though?

Levi’s mysterious woman

Levi discovers something peculiar among the mayhem of the storm’s aftermath: a weird woman lurking around the rubble that used to be the Flamingo pub. She bolts when she realises she’s been seen. There’s something fishy going on here, so Levi goes full-on cop, following her down and apprehending her, but what will he find?

Scenes will premiere on Channel 5 on Monday, January 17th.


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