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Glen mystery solved, shock kiss and a saucy slip up: 8 big Neighbours spoilers

This week on Neighbours, the question on everyone’s lips is: why is Glen here? What exactly is Harlow’s problem? Chloe and Nicolette, what are they thinking?!

Let’s start with the final one, since it’s a biggie: Chloe (April Rose Penguilly) and Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) are debating if it’s worth it to get back together after everything. Given the terms and circumstances Nicolette is going to throw down to Chloe, it’s probably not a smart idea.

The mystery behind Glen’s (Richard Huggett) death remains unsolved, but Paul (Stefan Dennis) comes close to uncovering it. What will he discover?

Harlow’s (Jemma Donovan) strange behaviour has piqued people’s interest. Will her loved ones ever figure out what’s going on?

When Toadie (Ryan Moloney) commits a huge faux pas, Nell (Scarlet Anderson) is in for some pain. Will he be able to make amends with his daughter?

And Hendrix (Benny Turland) finds himself into trouble with Roxy when he makes a sassy blunder.

Here’s what’s coming up next in Neighbours.

As she outs Mick, Amy’s truth is revealed

Mick and Amy have been blackmailing each other about their secrets, but it only takes a few crossed wires for everything to come to light. When Mick enters in an extremely insulting costume, Ned, Levi, and Amy’s enjoyment at the party comes to a sudden end. Amy had had enough of Mick poking the hornet’s nest with her. Harlow observes the tension and speaks out, but in doing so, she unintentionally causes Amy to fear Mick has revealed her secret. As a result, she believes it is now her turn to expose him.

Nell’s heart is broken by Toadie

Melanie has gotten herself into a dilemma by convincing Nell that she is clairvoyant and conversing with her mother. Toadie isn’t happy either, and with Nell’s obsession with speaking with Sonya growing, he’s upset with Mel for causing this snafu. However, it is he who shatters Nell’s world when he accidently destroys her crystal ball and her ostensible link to her mother. Mel is heartbroken to see the suffering between Toadie and Nell, so she pulls Nell to one side for a grown-up talk. It strikes the mark, and Toadie is once again in awe of Mel.

Concerns about Harlow are growing

Harlow has been acting strangely for a time now, as if something has been on her mind. Her unusual lack of concern for Kyle and Roxy is the latest indicator that her pals have seen. Mackenzie is disturbed by her coldness, especially when she becomes nasty and demanding rather than her typically empathic self. What exactly is going on with Harlow?

What exactly is Ned’s game?

Ned’s secret desire to have Amy all to himself still exists, and it brings out his protective side. He is concerned that Levi’s coworkers may upset her during the ball and attempts to persuade her and Levi not to go, but they are set in their ways. Levi is well aware that Ned is now his rival; would he let Amy go to Ned or will he strive to keep her for himself?

Hendrix discovers Kyle’s true identity

Hendrix and Mackenzie arrive home to find that Kyle has been diagnosed with cancer. Hendrix is upset that he hasn’t been there for his friend. He makes the decision to pull his socks up and make it clear that Kyle comes first, but will he be able to follow through?

Romance is sparked with a shocking kiss

If there were ever two people who needed Matthew Hussey’s advice, it was Chloe and Nicolette. They must learn to go on, but they are unable to do so. Chloe wants to rekindle their connection, so she gives Nic a spare concert ticket, and the night goes off without a hitch after some early discomfort. A touch too well-behaved. They’re both feeling flames rekindle, and Nic is questioning whether or not she can forgive Chloe. She can, too, as she pounces on Chloe for a kiss when the opportunity arises. Chloe is taken aback, but she adores it. Nic dumps a surprise on Chloe about what she wants as they set out to talk about things quietly. What do you think Chloe will say?

Glen’s riddle has been answered

Glen has been a cunning little thief, keeping his cards close to his breast. Is he about to be discovered? Terese and Paul are about to find out. Paul has been doing all he can to reclaim Terese, and he feels he’s making progress until he notices that she still has a bare ring finger. He confronts her, very offended, but she admits she misplaced the piece of jewellery during the meeting. He’s concerned that it’s a terrible omen for them, so he chooses to use it to his advantage. Terese manages to set everything aside and accept the new ring despite the fact that his little plot backfires. Glen is stunned when he learns the news, realising that his attempts to separate them have failed. He attempts to persuade Terese that she is making a mistake, but why is he so determined to end their relationship?

His acts are discovered by Paul, who is severely harmed as a result of the treachery. Paul, on the other hand, is furious when he discovers the true reason for Glen’s return. He is determined to finally straighten out his brother, but how far would he go?

Hendrix’s sassy blunder

Kyle begs Hendrix for a favour, and Hendrix views it as an opportunity to make amends to his sick buddy. Kyle requests that he and Mack surprise Roxy with a lovely outfit for the Police Ball. Hendrix thrills at the chance to redeem himself and volunteers for the good act. However, after purchasing said party gown and then preparing a saucy spaghetti meal, he loses focus. Disaster.

Scenes will begin airing on Channel 5 on Monday, November 29.


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