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Home and Away airs shock death in Australian season finale episode

In the Australian season finale episode of Home and Away, another character appears to have died.

The show’s producers suggested that the year’s last episode in Australia will include “a murder that no one saw coming.”

Matthew Montgomery (James Sweeny), Chloe Anderson’s evil father, was the only character who didn’t make it through the night, when a dramatic showdown outside the Parata mansion went tragically wrong.

Mia (Anna Samson), Chloe’s mother, boldly confided in her daughter about her tragic history with Matthew in this week’s episodes.

Chloe was created after Matthew raped Mia when they were younger.

After learning the truth, Chloe (Sam Barrett) stood by her mother and told Matthew that she no longer wanted anything to do with him. After Matthew’s unexpected arrival in the Bay, Chloe had spent the preceding several weeks bonding with him.

Matthew, obviously irritated as he requested a chance to explain himself, refused to accept Chloe’s decision and hounded her outside the Parata residence.

Mia stopped the argument and attempted to persuade Chloe to come inside, but Matthew blocked their path.

Chloe panicked and grabbed a nearby stone as Matthew seized Mia and yelled in her face, calling her a “liar and manipulator.”

Chloe slammed the brick at Matthew’s skull, knocking him to the ground. Mia was shocked to see that he had no pulse when she ran to check on him.

Mia quickly regained control of the situation by removing Matthew’s body from the scene and placing it in the trunk of the family car. She advised Chloe to go inside and act as if the incident had never occurred.

Mia sped out of Summer Bay with Matthew in the backseat, but her erratic behaviour drew the notice of Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright), who pursued her in his police cruiser.

Mia came to a halt and debated confronting Cash, but she realised she was suspicious because she had Matthew’s blood on her clothes.

Mia drove out again at the conclusion of the oral steroids season, with Cash hot on her tail.

Meanwhile, Mia’s partner Ari Parata (Rob Kipa-Williams) arrived home to discover a visibly traumatised Chloe on the sofa, which worried him.

Ari had proposed to Mia, and she had agreed, then the unexpected happened. Will Matthew’s death, however, prevent them from having their happily ever after?

In 2022, Home and Away will return for a new season.


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