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Horror accident, an STI, and a proposal: 7 big Neighbours spoilers

In Neighbours, it’s been a week of highs and lows, with marriage proposals and someone clutching to life.

With his diagnosis, Kyle (Chris Milligan) has been confronted with his own mortality, and he begins to believe Roxy (Zima Anderson) might be better off without him. She has other ideas, and she’s about to show them to the world in a big way.

But, while things are looking up for them, Jane’s situation is looking bleak (Annie Jones). Jane organises an event against Nic’s (Charlotte Chimes) wishes. But, as a result of not listening to her daughter, Karma comes back to bite her in a big way, leaving her in a situation where it’s up in the air whether she’ll be found in time.

On the one hand, things are heating up in the bedroom for the polyamory three, but on the other hand, an itch that spreads is causing significant difficulties for them.

It’s also not easy for Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou), who is urgently attempting to overcome her issues while figuring out what Glen (Richard Huggett) is up to. Glen isn’t making things easy for Terese, but she solves one riddle and is surprised by what she discovers.

Here’s what’s coming up next in Neighbours.

Marriage for ill Kyle

Kyle’s future appears to be bleak at the moment. He convinces himself that he is a burden to Roxy and that she would be better off without him in her life, but she has different ideas. She pops the question to show how serious she is about their love and that she would always be there for him. Kyle is taken aback; he didn’t see that coming. But he’s all in – if she’s game, he’s game as well. Sheila isn’t thrilled when she hears about the surprise proposal, but when the pair assures her that they’ll marry regardless of his condition, she’s off to the hat store.

Jane had a terrible accident

Jane attempts to do the right thing by her kid, but the universe says no. The parenting trio isn’t in the mood to celebrate Isla’s name day after the teddy cam incident. Jane believes this is a terrible decision that they will come to regret, and she tells them so, which doesn’t go down well. Nic slams her mother for snooping around. Jane isn’t intimidated by the confrontation and decides to arrange up the naming day in secret nevertheless. Her determination is laudable, but it is misdirected. Jane enlists Chloe’s assistance to keep them occupied, but while putting up the party alone, Jane is involved in a serious accident that renders her comatose. Fortunately, Leo locates her, but in what condition? Will she be able to make it?

Glen is here for a reason

The question that is on everyone’s mind. Glen hasn’t been seen in over 30 years, so why is he reappearing now? The situation is cloaked in secrecy, but Terese is about to make a startling discovery. She tries to delve into his background in order to throw some light on his looks, but they wind up spending some time together in the process. Glen takes advantage of the situation to warn Terese about her spouse. Terese is attracted by the hostility leaking from Glen’s pores and chooses to accept his help in her relationship collapse. But then she makes a startling discovery: she goes to her AA meeting, and who should be seated next to her? Glen. One of his secrets has been revealed: he is also an alcoholic. Terese then learns that Glen has accepted a position at the vineyard, which is hardly the healthiest environment for someone struggling with alcoholism. But he’s putting down roots, which begs the question: what is he up to if he despises Paul so much?

It’s time to take Mick down

Mick has had enough of the ache in the rear — even Harlow is feeling it now. She’s kicking herself in the behind for employing the moron. She overcomes her pride and bites the bullet, requesting that Chloe join her in knocking him from his perch. Is it possible for them to put their heads together and have him sent out?

Feet that itch (among other things)

Amy exhales a sigh of relief as the itching in both Ned and Levi begins to fade. Her joy, though, is fleeting. They may have gotten through the worst of it, but the locals are soon to get infected, and it’s all their fault. Will they be held responsible?

Melanie is taken aback by Nell’s surprise

Melanie has been struggling to balance the responsibilities of being a stepparent while adhering to Toadie’s parenting standards. But, as difficult as that has been, it’s nothing compared to the situation she’s going to find herself in. As a bit of fun, she sets up a psychic stand for the party and realises she has a bit of a ‘gift’ when a couple of her psychic guesses turn out to be correct. Little Nell is awestruck by this talent and approaches Melanie with a major request that threatens to sever Mel’s connection once more. Will she be able to refuse the small girl’s request?

Three-person party

Amy is getting ready for the Christmas party, and she’s hopeful that she, Ned, and Levi will get along for the day. Unfortunately for her, celebration preparations go haywire, and a big decoration falls from the Flamingo Bar’s ceiling. In front of Amy’s eyes, Ned and Levi are obliged to work together to fix it, breaking a sweat in the process. Suddenly, she’s thinking of a three-person gathering rather than a Christmas celebration.

Scenes will begin airing on Channel 5 on Monday, November 22.


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