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Mental health fears and huge school fire: 7 big Neighbours spoilers

This week on Neighbours, there are actual and symbolic fires raging all over the place. Who, on the other hand, will have their fingertips burned?

Zara’s (Freya Van Dyke) depravity knows no bounds as she appears to take her vengeance on Jane (Annie Jones) one step too far, setting Erinsborough High ablaze. Is there anyone who can stop Zara from continuing on her disastrous path?!

Zara doesn’t stop there; she begins to fall in love with someone she can’t have, but a long-term relationship isn’t going to stop her. She’ll do whatever it takes to get what she wants, even if it means breaking some hearts.

Levi (Richie Morris) is having a difficult time as his love life, like the school, goes up in flames. The truth about Freya has been revealed, and Levi is devastated. But what will be his next surprise move?

When Aaron (Matt Wilson) makes a major life decision without consulting his husband, he manages to light a fuse. Is it poised to erupt in flames in his face?

While Paul’s marriage burns to the ground, his mental health is also on the verge of succumbing to the same fate. He descends into a dark place when he realises the enormity of the scenario he’s created. Is there anyone who can assist him?

This week on Neighbours, here’s what to expect.

Levi is bereft of affection (again)

When Levi discovers that Freya has been manipulating him, he finally sees the cold, hard light of day. He thinks he’s bad at finding love and is annoyed that he didn’t notice all the telltale indicators that things wasn’t right. Levi slinks away to attempt to cheer himself up, but Freya isn’t finished with him yet.

Zara has her sights set on Hendrix

Zara hasn’t had a firm grasp on reality since arriving in Erinsborough, and as a result, she frequently sees what she wants to see. In this situation, she begins to feel Hendrix is smitten with her when it is all in her imagination. She’s a little smitten, and she swoons when Hendrix pays attention to her. However, she is going to cross a boundary that will make some people extremely upset.

Curtis’ life is at danger due to a massive fire

Zara’s tumultuous phase is far from over, especially when it comes to terrorising Jane. Zara does what she does best and acts out again as a result of Jane getting on her wick, her mother making major plans without her, and wanting but not having Hendrix. When the teachers and students of Erinsborough High discover a roaring fire on the school grounds, they are horrified. Curtis is the one who comes to the rescue, but at what cost? Is Zara solely responsible for this?

Aaron’s life-changing baby decision

With the fear that Leo could come back for her at any time, Aaron has been hesitant to get close to baby Abigail. He doesn’t want to go through the pain again because they’ve already been through it. He and David disagree on this because David believes Leo will come to his senses. Aaron decides to secure their future by starting legal steps to adopt Abby, which drives David into a tailspin. David is furious at Aaron’s underhanded tactics and is over himself at the prospect of taking his brother’s child away from him. How will these two ever come to an agreement on this?

Nicolette is concerned about the future

Nicolette has been overlooked in all of the baby drama. At number 32, she’s having a difficult time adjusting to life as a mother of her own child while also learning to accept someone else’s. She is concerned that now that there are more people involved, she may be left out of the decision-making process. She’s terrified, but she’s willing to fight to be heard.

Paul is on a downward trajectory

Paul’s falsehoods are about to bite him worse than he could have imagined. Terese has effectively disowned him now that the truth has been out, and his family has grown tired of him as well. Paul seeks marriage advice from Karl and Susan, but it backfires spectacularly, pushing Terese even further away. She’s prepared to completely wipe him from her hands. Paul goes deeper into depression when he realises he’s truly lost everything this time. What will become of him?

Levi is digging for dirt

Now that he’s accepted Freya’s manipulation, Levi is ready to let go of his little fling with her. He’s concerned, however, because there’s no need for her to leave Erinsborough until she finds Gareth. So Levi resolves to learn more about this enigmatic individual and conducts some research, only to be dragged into a terrible world.

Scenes will begin airing on Channel 5 on Monday, February 14th.


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