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Neighbours’ 2023 revival teased as Freevee shares more details

We are keeping the performance running at least at the same level that the 37-year-old audience has enjoyed it at.

Before Amazon Freevee revives Neighbours next year, specifics of the revamp have been hinted at.

After being cancelled earlier this year, the channel just gave the long-running Australian soap a second chance, and the president of content and programming for Amazon Studios has now given viewers a sneak peek at what to expect.


According to Lauren Anderson, “We’re going to do everything we can, both in front of and behind the camera, to make sure that we’re providing a consistent series.”

“We’re keeping the production of the show at least at the same standard as what spectators have enjoyed for 37 years. Making ensuring that people who already enjoy the show do so in the future is of utmost importance to us “She went on.

The revival, according to Anderson, will be both a continuation and a new beginning. She also confirmed that Stefan Dennis (Paul Robinson), Jackie Woodburne (Susan Kennedy), Alan Fletcher (Karl Kennedy), and Ryan Moloney (Toadie Rebecchi) would all be returning for the new series.

“What we’re debating right now is what we want the first season’s arc to be. How can we design a world that is both a continuation of the present and the beginning of something new? “She spoke. “In many ways, the plot will reflect what is happening in the television show. Although it is at a new location, it is a continuation.”

Both fans and cast members were shocked to learn that the soap was returning, as stated by April Rose Pengilly “Simply put, we were all very surprised and perplexed! Although I know you’re all thrilled to have your show back, it’s strange for us since we had no prior knowledge of it.”

The actress who portrayed Chloe Brennan said a return would depend on the filming schedule and that she wasn’t sure if she would play the same part again: “I would adore going back. However, it depends on other initiatives and the environment. Most of the cast have left Melbourne and don’t want to go through moving again,” she said.


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