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Neighbours airs Glen Donnelly twist as huge week of episodes begins

Glen Donnelly’s plot has taken a turn on Neighbours, as his love life becomes increasingly problematic.

In recent weeks, Glen (Richard Huggett) has been grappling with his love for Terese Willis, which hasn’t gone unnoticed by a number of Erinsborough residents.

Glen continued to confide in Melanie Pearson (Lucinda Cowden) about the challenging situation in Monday’s show on Channel 5.

Glen admitted to falling for Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou), but also noted that things are complex because of Terese’s sensitive state following her divorce from Paul.

“Perhaps I have feelings for her,” Glen said to Melanie. “But I would never take advantage of her, I swear.”

Even though they’re currently living under the same roof and spending the majority of their time together, Melanie begged Glen not to let anything happen with Terese.

Meanwhile, Gemma Willis (Beth Buchanan), Glen’s old flame, returned to Ramsay Street for the second time this month in preparation for her daughter Roxy’s wedding.

Terese was envious of Gemma’s apparent reconnection with Glen as she observed them spending time together.

Terese afterwards went to Lassiters to check on Glen and Gemma, who had been charged with arranging the bridal suite for Roxy.

Terese was not amused by the laughter from within the room, and she thought Glen and Gemma had hooked up. However, it became evident that there was another explanation when Gemma emerged behind her.

Kyle Canning’s mother Sharon (Natasha Herbert), who is also back in Erinsborough for the wedding, burst through the door in a dressing robe. Glen was observed getting dressed behind her, half-naked.

Sharon chuckled: “sprung! whoopsie, whoopsie, whoopsie, whoopsie, Do you need anything, ladies, or can I get back to work?”

Could Terese be pushed over the edge by this discovery?

On Channel 5, Neighbours is broadcasting a massive week of episodes, including Kyle and Roxy’s wedding, a storm tragedy, and one character’s death.


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