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Neighbours announces new character Kiri Hua Durant

Neighbours has added a new regular cast member, less than two days after it was revealed that the show could be cancelled due to Channel 5’s decision to remove it from its schedule.

Despite the fear of cancellation, the show will continue to air until at least June 10th, when it is slated to end production. That means there will be plenty of Ramsay Street drama this year, including the introduction of a new cast member.

Gemma Bird Matheson, who will play new character Kiri Hua Durant, began filming in December.

The actor, who made her television debut in 2015 on Channel Seven’s Winners and Losers, will make her UK debut on Wednesday, March 9th, and her Australian debut on Friday, March 24th.

Kiri, her character, is described as “mysterious and flirty,” as well as “morally oriented and a lovely girl at heart.”

Kiri will be thrown into the deep end, with Gemma suggesting that she will “certainly find herself in the heart of a lot of turmoil.”

“I felt honoured to be part of such a famous Australian show, but I was also excited by what this representation would mean for a lot of people – especially on such a mainstream show,” Gemma, who is of South African and Pacific Islander background, said of her feelings about joining Neighbours.

“I’m a big champion for queer individuals portraying queer parts,” she says, adding that she is excited to play a queer character.

For various reasons, I’m delighted about this role: I get to play myself, a homosexual Papua New Guinean Christian… that’s fairly monumental.”

“It’s already been such a tremendous learning experience — the tempo at which Neighbours films is unlike anything I’ve ever worked on,” Gemma says of her time on set. It provides you with talents that you won’t be able to learn anywhere else.

Catering, on the other hand, is always my favourite aspect of the job. Every day, free meals? Heaven.”

Gemma has a lot of experience with television. She made her television debut as Cate Young in Channel Seven’s Winners and Losers, and has since gone on to play Dr. Elizabeth Lowdell in SyFy Channel’s Childhoods End and Jane Austen in ABC3’s Bertram Poppingstock.

It’s also her second time on Neighbours, as she previously appeared as Carla Watson, a council worker, in 2016.

Gemma was also the co-creator and star of the ABC and Screen Australia-commissioned online comedy series The Housemate, which is presently airing on ABC Iview. She may also be seen in the ABC comedy Content and the webseries Deadhouse Dark from Dark Film.

Kiri is the third newcomer scheduled to arrive in 2022.

Zara Selwyn (Freya Van Dyke), Amy’s daughter, debuted at the beginning of the year, and fans were recently introduced to Freya Wozniak, played by Phoebe Roberts, a new regular cast member.

On Wednesday, March 9th, Gemma Bird Matheson will make her debut as Kiri Hua Durant in the United Kingdom, and on Friday, March 24th in Australia.


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