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Neighbours confirms airdate for final ever episode as UK and Australia gap to close


On Monday, August 1, the final episode of Neighbours will air in both the UK and Australia.

After Channel 5 pulled out of sponsoring the series earlier this month, it was reported that the long-running serial will be ending soon.

Despite the fact that a fan petition to rescue Neighbours had gathered over 66,000 signatures, including Melanie Pearson actress Lucinda Cowden’s, the show’s death is still looming.

According to TV Tonight, from Monday, June 13 onwards, Australian channel 10 Peach would play double episodes to make up with the UK broadcast.

“From Monday, June 13 to mark the final season of Neighbours, fans of Ramsay St can tune in to twice the fun, double the action with double episodes,” a Network 10 representative said in a statement.

“On Monday, August 1st, the ultimate series finale will air.”

According to Digital Spy, Channel 5 will also broadcast the finale on this date.

Jason Herbison, the show’s executive producer, recently made a guarantee about the nature of the show’s final episode, disclosing the one finale he would never contemplate.

“I like to imagine that Ramsay Street will live on in the hearts and thoughts of viewers long after the final scene. I would never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever “he stated

“The ending will be a celebration of the past and present, with the possibility of a future left open.”


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