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Neighbours’ David Tanaka to make accusation over threatening notes

In next week’s UK episodes, Neighbours’ David Tanaka will make a significant claim about the threatening messages he’s been getting, as his guilt over Gareth Bateman’s death continues to weigh on him.

Gareth (Jack Pearson) died following the mayhem during the River Bend escapade, and David (Takaya Honda) and Freya Wozniak (Phoebe Roberts) are both urgently trying to cover their involvement in his killing.

Criminal Freya wrecked the minibus Gareth had hijacked, sending him flying through the windscreen. Gareth’s reign of evil came to an end. Freya and David agreed not to try to save the badly injured Gareth, who died as a result of his injuries.

Since then, David has been plagued by guilt, and his predicament will worsen when he gets an anonymous, threatening note on his desk at work. “I know what you did,” the letter plainly states.

The following week, David’s concerns about the mysterious note intensify, and he seeks out Freya to share his fears that someone is aware of what they did to Gareth.

Following Emma’s accusations that the couple didn’t do enough to save Gareth’s life, Freya reluctantly acknowledges that she may have given Gareth’s ex-girlfriend Emma reason to be suspicious.

David is enraged with Freya, especially because she has been so worried that he will make a mistake. Freya tries to persuade David that he can trust her and that everything would work out, but David isn’t convinced that she is as trustworthy as she claims.

As the week progresses, David begins to feel guilty about what happened to Gareth. When he receives another anonymous threatening note, this time mentioning his family, his anger becomes even more.

With David’s paranoia increasing and no one else to turn to, Freya thinks it’s time to act – which is easier said than done when they’re faced with a faceless menace.

Due to Dean’s resentment against him, a worried David confronts his colleague and former friend Dean Covey (Travis Cotton), with whom he recently fell out over Dean’s attempts to make a pass on him, suspecting him of being the mystery blackmailer. Dean, on the other hand, appears to be completely unaware of the issue.

Freya has a brilliant idea and decides to accompany David into the bush to find the OPA.

Meanwhile, while he recovers from his own River Bend injuries, David’s husband, Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson), begins to notice David’s paranoia. How long will David be able to keep his shameful secret hidden as the pressure mounts?


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