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Neighbours’ David Tanaka to make shocking discovery about Paul

Neighbours’ In the upcoming episodes, David Tanaka uncovers the truth about Paul Robinson’s false illness.

Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) learns of Paul’s (Stefan Dennis) latest ploy as a result of David’s (Takaya Honda) unexpected discovery, and it could mark the end of their marriage.

Paul is overjoyed with his and Terese’s reconciliation in upcoming scenes on Channel 5 and 10 Peach, and invites the family to the penthouse to celebrate.

However, David and Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) had their doubts about Paul’s new specialty doctor, Dr Russell, who diagnosed him with a medical issue that the hospital had apparently overlooked.

The fact is that Paul hired Dr. Russell to create a phoney ailment in order to persuade Terese to stay at the penthouse and hasten their reconciliation.

David and Karl continue their investigation into Dr. Russell, prompting David to confront his father.

David advises that Paul go to the hospital for additional scans to confirm Dr Russell’s prognosis and assuage his fears, but Paul refuses and ends up storming out.

When David discovers the truth from Paul, he is faced with a dilemma when his father requests that he not inform anybody else about the phoney illness.

Terese eventually finds out, and she is enraged by Paul’s deception and manipulation, announcing that their reconciliation is done.

When the rest of Ramsay Street hears about what happened, they rally behind Terese and offer her support, leaving Paul alone once again.


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