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Neighbours death as Amy Greenwood killed by daughter Zara Selwyn in exit twist?

Since her return to the Channel 5 series in 2020, Amy (Jacinta Stapleton) has been at the centre of a lot of drama on Neighbours. Zara (Freya Van Dyke) came looking for her estranged mother, who she seems to have a deep disdain for the Ramsay Street favourite, just as it appeared she had finally adjusted into life in Erinsborough. Amy will be admitted to the hospital in the near future after a fight with her teenage daughter, but may Zara be involved, and could this lead to her mother’s departure from the show?

Amy is still recovering from some of the injuries she incurred during the storm that roared through Ramsay Street when the drama begins.

She has also lost her work, as the Flamingo Bar, where she was the manager prior to the disaster, was devastated by the hurricane.

This causes major concerns for the cherished heroine, who must carefully consider how she will support herself and her kid.

She chooses to start a new business and start a new enterprise in a split second decision while job looking, but she quickly regrets being so rash.

Zara will have started high school at the same time, however she will have run into some problems with her professors and classmates.

With so much on her plate at school, her mother’s decision to invest in a new business makes her upset.

As a result, she sets off the school’s fire alarms, causing a ruckus, and is scolded by Jane Harris (Annie Jones).

Amy is initially enraged with her daughter for being so irresponsible and causing so much havoc, but it isn’t long before she softens.

Amy’s daughter confesses that she simply did it to garner her mother’s attention, making the beloved character feel awful.

The mother and daughter quickly put their differences aside and appear to be turning a new page in their relationship.

However, it isn’t long until Zara lashes out at their mother once more, this time forcing Amy to battle for her life.

When the teenager storms out of the row, she pushes her mother hard, and Amy feels the pain because she hasn’t recovered from her injuries.

The beloved character collapses to the ground in excruciating pain and clutches her stomach tightly.

Because she does not believe her mother is seriously injured, her daughter leaves her to fend for herself as she calls for help.

Soon after, the mother of three passes out, and she is only able to get to the hospital because Ned Willis (Ben Hall) finds her.

Once she’s with the medical team, Ned and Zara will have to wait a long time to find out if she’ll make it.

The adolescent is filled with regret since she knows she could have done more to assist her mother, who was in severe need of assistance.

If Amy dies as a result of this, her daughter may face time in prison if she tells the authorities she was the one who killed her mother.

Amy’s stint on the show would come to a devastating end, as she finally felt like she had made progress with her daughter.

Will Zara, on the other hand, keep her deadly secret hidden and refuse to tell the authorities that she had a hand in the whole thing?

The actress who plays Amy, Jacinta, claimed she isn’t surprised by her daughter’s irresponsible behaviour in an exclusive interview with about her character’s latest storyline.

According to the heroine of the daytime drama, “I don’t think Amy is surprised since she recognises herself in Zara.

“It’s how Amy first got her start in Erinsborough! Amy, on the other hand, understands Zara and her motivations.

She, on the other hand, has a great deal of guilt and believes it is her fault that Zara is acting out, thus she nearly bears responsibility for many of Zara’s behaviours.

“The connection between Amy and Zara is so tense, with Amy feeling guilty and Zara furious and resentful, and a lot of the people on Ramsay Street have kids and ‘know what they’re doing’ as parents,” says one resident.

When asked if Zara’s presence on Ramsay Street could lead to Amy’s departure from the show, she said: “I’m not certain.

“Nothing is off the table,” the soap star added, “and Amy has gone before, so she may leave again.” Could she be hinting at Amy’s demise?

Jacinta said why she’s been back on the show for almost a year: “It’s a lot of fun, and Amy is a lot of fun.

“Dressing up in Amy’s heels, gowns, and a plethora of hot pink clothes is just stunning; I like it.”

“Amy is a really exciting and dynamic character, and I like playing her,” she said, so could this be another sign that she’ll be leaving the programme as she reflects on her time there?


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