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Neighbours’ Freya Wozniak held hostage as Gareth is finally found

Freya Wozniak of Neighbours is kidnapped by her absent boyfriend Gareth Bateman, who reappears in dramatic moments.

Freya (Phoebe Roberts) has been urgently attempting to find Gareth (Jack Pearson) since she arrived in Erinsborough. Gareth allegedly went into hiding to avoid being discovered by crooked detectives.

Levi Canning (Richie Morris) gets a lead on Gareth’s whereabouts, and Ned Willis (Ben Hall) volunteers to investigate.

Ned enlists the help of Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan) in staking out the spot.

They ultimately find Gareth, which leads to a heated exchange until Gareth insists on explaining his version of the tale.

Ned and Harlow return to Erinsborough just as a group of Ramsay Street residents (including Levi, Freya, Glen Donnelly, Nicolette Stone, and Aaron Brennan) head to River Bend for a weekend trip. They inform Levi that Gareth told them he’s fleeing Freya, not crooked cops, and that he’s on the run from her. Freya, he believes, is a stalker.

As everyone heads to River Bend, Levi is nervous and has a lot on his mind.

Ned and Harlow keep a watch on Freya during the escape, which makes her suspicious.

Levi and Freya finally have a heated exchange in which Levi reveals what he has learnt about Gareth. Freya retaliates angrily and denies being a stalker, claiming she has no idea why Gareth would accuse her of stalking. She then walks away in a rage.

In the aftermath of their fight, Levi is left alone when he is met by Gareth, who holds a gun…

Gunshots may be heard, leading the remainder of the gang to become disoriented. Freya is startled to see Gareth again as she desperately searches for Levi. Gareth takes her captive after she comes over Levi’s body.

As Gareth makes his next move, lives are in jeopardy. Is there a genuine tale behind Gareth’s absence, and will everyone make it out alive?

The following images provide a peek of what will happen next. After being wounded in the arm, Levi looks to have survived, and Gareth attempts to flee by forcing Freya to drive a vehicle.

In the van, Aaron can also be seen attempting to free Freya. Is it possible for them both to get away from Gareth?


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