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Neighbours’ Freya Wozniak mystery continues as she gets to know Sheila and Levi

Another probable hint to Freya Wozniak’s ulterior goal has been unearthed by Neighbours.

Since her initial appearance on screen yesterday, the Erinsborough newcomer has stirred fan conjecture with some peculiar behaviour.

Freya continued to share scenes with the Cannings in Friday’s show on Channel 5, following her past uncomfortable interactions with Levi (Richie Morris).

To wound up Levi, Freya gave her name as “Madonna” to Ned Willis (Ben Hall) when she placed an order at the local café.

She’d earlier declined to provide Levi her name or contact information after he confronted her for grabbing a scarf from the ruined Flamingo Bar’s wreckage.

Freya ended up remaining at the café for longer than she had intended, ostensibly to keep an eye on Levi.

She also took advantage of a chance to ask Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes) about Levi, and was heartened when she was told he was a lovely person.

Freya later found a new ally in Levi’s grandma Sheila (Colette Mann), who was eager to set up the pair.

Sheila, who isn’t shy about intervening in her family’s love affairs, saw an opportunity for Levi to move on after his recent breakup with Amy Greenwood (Jacinta Stapleton).

Levi was still sceptical of Freya, and it appeared like he was right to be, with additional signs that she was concealing something.

Freya glanced intently at a picture of an unknown man on her phone as she left Levi and Sheila alone to converse at the café.

Who is he, and how does he fit into Freya’s covert operations? In the coming weeks, everything will be disclosed.

Freya has previously been described as the “ultimate mystery girl” who will appear in a major plot in 2022, according to Neighbours executives.

“We’ve built a fascinating character for [Phoebe] that is complex, secretive, and a risk taker,” executive producer Jason Herbison stated recently. “She’s going to be a lot of fun, and Phoebe has already nailed the role.”


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