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Neighbours’ Glen Donnelly returns to Erinsborough with a hidden agenda

After showing up in Erinsborough, Glen Donnelly of Neighbours surprises everyone next week on Australian TVs.

Richard Huggett, who formerly played Glen on 10 Peach, recently astonished Paul (Stefan Dennis) and Lucy Robinson (Melissa Bell) in Queensland. He also assisted Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) on the beach when she relapsed.

Despite Paul’s delight at the reunion, it’s evident that Glen doesn’t share his enthusiasm.

Glen’s Erinsborough comeback takes Paul and Terese off surprise in future scenes from TV Week magazine.

Terese is dubious of Paul’s genuine motives, since he views this as an opportunity to reconcile with his long-lost brother.

Glen has returned to finish off “unfinished business” with Paul and to get answers. When chatting with Terese, he behaves as though everything is OK in front of his brother, but he doesn’t attempt to disguise his disapproval of Paul.

When Glen begins to comment on Terese’s marriage to Paul, she becomes a little uneasy.

Terese later joins an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, where she is astonished to encounter Glen, who is also seeking treatment. This brings the two together.

Meanwhile, Paul wants Glen to stay, so he approaches Leo Tanaka (Tim Kano) and asks him to offer him a job. Glen accepts, while being wary of Paul’s motivations.

Terese believes Glen should not take the position since it entails working at a winery and he has a past with drinking. Glen is convinced that he will be OK while he pursues the closure he seeks.


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