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Neighbours kicks off new mystery as Freya Wozniak arrives in Erinsborough

With the arrival of Freya Wozniak in Erinsborough, Neighbours has begun a new mystery narrative.

Freya made her debut appearance on Channel 5 on Thursday, causing Levi Canning (Richie Morris) to be intrigued by her peculiar behaviour.

Freya caught Levi’s eye as she crossed some police tape and inspected the damage after the hurricane that demolished the Flamingo Bar.

Freya was told to come out immediately by Levi in order to preserve the scene, which is still being investigated.

Freya later reappeared at the scene, defiantly crossing the police tape for the second time.

Freya appeared to be on the lookout for something and pulled a scarf from the wreckage.

Levi observed Freya disobeying the rules once more and pursued her as she fled, eventually catching up with her elsewhere in the Lassiters complex.

When Levi questioned Freya, she stood up for herself, but she was obliged to return the scarf when he pointed out that hiding potential evidence was a crime.

Freya claimed she had left the scarf behind the first time she went snooping at the Flamingo Bar on the night of the incident.

When Levi offered to return the scarf to Freya after the investigation, she refused to give him her name or contact information.

Freya, played by Lie With Me actress Phoebe Roberts, was announced as a new regular character for Neighbours late last year.

Freya is described as “the ultimate mystery girl” who will play a major role this year.

“I am ecstatic to be joining the Ramsay Street family,” Phoebe said. Neighbours is such an iconic part of the Australian film and television industry that it’s a dream come true to be a part of something so beloved in the United Kingdom.

“As a kid, I used to tune in to see all of Erinsborough’s drama develop; it’s surreal to suddenly be a part of it!”

“We’ve built a fascinating character for [Phoebe] that is complex, secretive, and a risk taker,” Neighbours executive producer Jason Herbison said. “She’s going to be a lot of fun, and Phoebe has already nailed the job.”


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