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Neighbours’ Kyle Canning left upset as Sheila discovers his diagnosis

Kyle Canning’s grandma Sheila Canning will learn that he has recently been diagnosed with testicular cancer in forthcoming scenes on Neighbours.

Kyle (Chris Milligan) has been counting on his girlfriend Roxy Willis (Zima Anderson) for support since learning of his condition, but a misunderstanding prompts Sheila (Colette Mann) to intervene.

Before Roxy and Kyle realise what’s happened, Sheila, who is well-intentioned, starts meddling in their relationship and attempts to offer them intimacy counselling, oblivious to what’s truly upsetting them.

While Kyle and Roxy are anxious to escape out of Sheila’s coaching, Kyle is still hesitant to inform her about his condition or his recent sperm donation deposits at a local sperm bank. He realises that if he wants Sheila out of the way, he’ll have to find a method to get her out of town before his operation.

As Kyle’s operation approaches, Roxy’s efforts to assist her lover continue to fall short. While Kyle respects her efforts, he can’t help but think Roxy is worrying over him much too much, so he keeps his distance from her. Roxy is compelled to muster all of her might in order to provide Kyle with the care he need.

Unfortunately, as the week progresses, Kyle wakes up to some devastating news. He vents his anger on Roxy because he feels overloaded. Roxy is already having trouble keeping Sheila in the know about Kyle’s illness, and she soon buckles under the pressure of preserving the secret.

Kyle is enraged later when he learns that Roxy went against his wishes and notified Sheila about his disease. Relationships between them appear to be deteriorating every time they communicate, since both of them are very emotional and stressed.

Sheila quickly proposes that they make honesty boxes, which will allow the two to converse more calmly and encourage them to consider things through rather than erupting at each other.

Will Sheila be able to aid Kyle through his treatment now that she is aware of his disease, or will her participation irritate him even more?


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