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Neighbours legend Jackie Woodburne addresses fan response to sad axing

Jackie Woodburne, a veteran of Neighbours, has reassured fans following the announcement that the long-running soap will be cancelled after 37 years on the air.

Susan Kennedy, dubbed the “rock of Ramsay Street,” came on Australia’s morning talk show Studio 10 to discuss her 27-year career and provide a heartfelt answer to fans of the show.

When asked how it feels to see the “huge outpouring of love” for Neighbours from fans in recent weeks by host Tristan MacManus, Jackie began by saying:

“It doesn’t matter how conscious you are of the show’s viewers and how much they appreciate it; this week, it’s like a floodgate has opened, and I’ve received the most amazing comments from people,” she says.

“People are going to miss the show, and it’s going to leave a tremendous gap in the landscape of not just Australian television, but international television, particularly in the United Kingdom,” she concluded.

“It’s the end of an era, the loss of an icon, and a show like Neighbours will never be seen again.”

A clip of Jackie’s Susan and on-screen husband Karl (Alan Fletcher) was shown earlier in the show to emphasise the unbreakable bond between Ramsay Street’s longest-surviving couple.

Karl has cheated on Susan twice throughout the series, and the couple has split and divorced, only to reunite and remarry later.

When MacManus asked Jackie how their relationship has endured despite the many challenges they’ve experienced, the soap star responded in joke, “since [Susan] never shuts speaking, he hasn’t got time to leave!”

Before going on to explain that [Karl and Susan] “just keep looping back to each other no matter what, because they’re just each other’s person… they’re just best friends,” they “just keep circling back to each other no matter what.”


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