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Neighbours lines up terrifying scenes for Harlow and Freya in Corey story


Neighbours has revealed that Corey Smythe-Jones’ plotting will peak next week.

Corey has spent weeks manipulating Harlow Robinson to join the Restoration Order cult.

Corey chooses to take Harlow on a trip, implying she needs some space.

Corey is scared that Harlow’s uncle David Tanaka knows his plans. Harlow may never see her family again when she leaves with Corey.

Corey and Harlow spend next week in a cottage. Corey poisons Harlow’s beverages to control her behaviour.

Freya Wozniak grows concerned when she sees Harlow’s cardigan in Christabel’s car.

Freya digs at the cottage. She’s worried about Harlow’s drug use, but Corey assaults her first.

Corey binds Freya up and then takes Harlow somewhere else while Freya is unconscious.

David and Levi Canning find Freya when she escapes. They chased Corey to reach Harlow in time.

David, Freya, and Levi help Harlow escape Corey’s hands. Unfortunately, Corey escapes and the situation remains unresolved.

Christabel maintains she doesn’t know where Corey is when questioned.

Harlow felt unjustly treated following her ordeal.


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