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Neighbours’ Ned Willis to be caught out over secret sabotage

Ned Willis of Neighbours is discovered after collaborating with Felicity Higgins to undermine his polyamorous relationship.

Because of Levi’s interest in Felicity, the friendship between Ned (Ben Hall), Amy Greenwood (Jacinta Stapleton), and Levi Canning (Richie Morris) has struck some snags recently (Isabella Giovinazzo). Felicity isn’t interested in polyamory, despite her feelings for Levi.

Viewers in Australia have seen Ned encourage her to give Levi another opportunity, implying that they may be able to persuade Levi to end their polyamorous relationship.

Amy will continue to make an attempt with Felicity in future scenes.

Simultaneously, Ned and Felicity try to put a breach between Amy and Levi, but they’re soon discovered. Levi and Amy are enraged with one other, as one could expect.

Amy subsequently tells a remorseful Ned that she knows why he acted the way he did.

Ned must decide whether or not he wants to maintain their polyamorous relationship now that Levi has committed to it.

Amy is hoping that things would return to normal, but Levi, who has dumped Felicity, has some bad news…

Felicity’s actress Isabella Giovinazzo recently told Digital Spy that she would be open to a longer stay.

“I never saw it in my future,” she added, “simply because I’ve done similar stuff in the past and it’s wonderful to try something different now and again.” “However, after working with Richie and being in the Neighbours setting, it was such a great place to work.”


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