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Neighbours newcomer Freya Wozniak to investigate Levi Canning’s past

Freya Wozniak, a newcomer to Neighbours, appears to be planning to keep up her mysterious behaviour by secretly researching Levi Canning’s past.

Freya (Phoebe Roberts) has arrived in Erinsborough on a mission to find a mysterious man she claims is her cousin.

Freya recently asked Ben Hall (Ned Willis) whether he’d ever seen her “relative,” implying that they’d lost touch. She hasn’t told Levi about her plans yet, and it’s uncertain whether or not this man is indeed her cousin.

On Thursday’s episode of Neighbours (January 27), the end-of-episode promo included video of Freya continuing to grow closer to Levi (Richie Morris).

Levi tells Freya about his epilepsy when she sees his prescription in forthcoming scenes.

Levi also describes how he was diagnosed with the disease after being assaulted by gangsters as a child.

The teaser for Neighbours revealed that Freya is definitely interested in this, and she afterwards used the chance to covertly Google “Levi Canning assault.”

What is Freya’s fascination with Levi, and how does this relate to her larger mission? Everything will be exposed.

Freya has been tipped as one to watch in the coming weeks by show executives, as her mysterious behaviour builds up to a major storyline.

“We’ve created a fascinating character for [Phoebe] that is complex, mysterious, and a risk taker,” Neighbours executive producer Jason Herbison said last year. “She’s going to be a lot of fun, and Phoebe has already nailed the role.”

Phoebe went on to say: “Neighbours is such an iconic part of the Australian film and television industry that it’s a dream come true to be a part of something so beloved in the United Kingdom. I used to watch all of Erinsborough’s drama unfold as a kid, and it’s surreal to now be a part of it!”


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