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Neighbours’ Paul Robinson fears for his marriage in tense new scenes

Neighbours’ On UK screens next week, Paul Robinson fears his marriage to Terese Willis may be finished as he attempts to win her back.

After all of Paul’s (Stefan Dennis) misdeeds are revealed, he’s forced to move into the Lassiters penthouse, from the bribe to Nicolette and subsequent sabotage of the Quill transaction to his role in pushing Jesse Porter out of Erinsborough.

In forthcoming Channel 5 scenes, Paul devises a plan that he feels would solve Terese’s problems (Rebekah Elmaloglou).

He’s welcomed Jesse back to Erinsborough, but Terese isn’t thrilled when he informs her. Terese’s recent behaviours make it apparent that she isn’t interested in a reunion, which makes Paul even more anxious about their marriage.

Later, Paul welcomes Jesse, who has returned to town, and brings him up to speed.

Jesse pays Terese a visit, and the two have a long and necessary talk about what happened the day Jesse unexpectedly departed. Jesse also expresses his opinion that Paul and David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) had good motives for what they did.

Terese thinks about Jesse’s comments, but will she forgive Paul or stick to her choice to divorce her husband?

Amanda Holden has been hired in a guest role as part of a special London narrative set to run in 2022, it was announced last week. Harlow Robinson’s aunt, Harriet, will be played by Amanda.


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