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Neighbours reveals a first look at David, Aaron and Nicolette’s next big row

Just when things between David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan, and Nicolette Stone start to go well, Neighbours has offered a first peek at their next major argument.

Isla’s custody has been a source of contention for the family. The complicated matter has been resolved amicably for Australian viewers, but the joy is short-lived as Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) discovers something alarming inside one of Isla’s toys.

Aaron (Matt Wilson) and David (Takaya Honda) are embracing fatherhood in forthcoming scenes, while Nicolette is finally free to unwind.

When Nicolette discovers a concealed spycam in Isla’s teddy bear, she is both startled and enraged.

Nicolette informs David and Aaron of the finding, and it isn’t long before she expresses her concerns, implying that David and Aaron may be connected with the hidden camera.

They, too, are perplexed by the camera, as is Nicolette.

Aaron wants the three of them to be on the same page, arguing that they all want to find out who the perpetrator is, but Nicolette is wary of truly trusting the boys so soon after the custody fight became so tense.

Who might it be if it’s not David or Aaron behind the camera inside the teddy bear?

The new images depict Nicolette discovering the spycam and confronting the lads.


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