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Neighbours reveals full details of Glen and Lucy’s return storyline

As Terese Willis continues to suffer, Neighbours has disclosed the entire facts of Lucy Robinson and Glen Donnelly’s comeback plotline.

Despite the fact that Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) and Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) are now separated, Terese is obliged to attend the Lassiters Summit with Paul, and it is in Queensland that Paul is reunited with Glen (Richard Huggett) after so many years.

Terese wants distance from Paul after Terese and Paul’s presentation, so he prepares to leave for the airport.

In the ensuing scenes, Paul is staring out from the balcony when he notices someone who looks like Glen out in the distance.

Paul informs Lucy (Melissa Bell) about what he witnessed and that he intends to spend another night in Queensland. This irritates his sister, who believes Paul is using it as an excuse to put off returning to Terese.

Terese is outraged that Paul hasn’t left Queensland, and she doesn’t trust Paul’s tale either. Terese becomes overwhelmed and drinks.

Terese is struggling on the beach when she is approached by a stranger who offers her assistance.

Later, Paul comes face to face with Glen, who is no longer confined to a wheelchair. Glen is taken aback when Paul embraces him tenderly.

Terese is surprised to learn that Glen was the stranger at the beach when Paul introduces him to Terese and Lucy.

Terese tells Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) about what occurred with Glen when they return to Erinsborough. Terese believes this will be the last time she sees Glen.

Is there a possibility they’ll run into each other again?


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