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Neighbours reveals huge season finale cliffhanger for Terese Willis

Terese Willis’ life will be in peril in the season finale of Neighbours in 2021, according to the cliffhanger.

Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) has been struggling for months after her breakup with Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis), and has resorted to drink once more. Terese and Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan) clash on the rooftop of Lassiters after a sequence of incidents.

Terese finds herself hanging to the brink of the cliff and in serious need of assistance as she overbalances.

Terese attends the Police Ball and agrees to dance with Paul in subsequent scenes on 10 Peach and Channel 5, but she becomes overwhelmed and is later found resting on the floor intoxicated by Glen Donnelly (Richard Huggett).

Terese begins to discuss the possibility of reuniting with Paul. Glen drives her home, believing she is unable to think or behave coherently due to her inebriation.

Later, Paul offers Terese an unexpected offer: they should attempt marriage counselling.

Terese contemplates going to counselling with Paul, which prompts Glen to speak out. He makes it obvious that he opposes the proposal, thinking Paul to be engaging in his normal manipulating behaviour, but his firmness irritates Terese.

Terese and Paul attend their first marriage counselling session, but everything goes wrong.

While Paul is keen to get their marriage back on track, Terese is wary of giving him false optimism, and she honestly discusses her husband’s numerous errors. This piques Paul’s interest, and he responds with a barrage of angry and passionate remarks.

Terese lies to everyone about her intentions on Christmas Day in order to be alone.

Meanwhile, Harlow employs a private investigator to dig up information on Paul’s brother since he is suspicious of Glen.

Terese’s Ramsay Street relatives and friends learn that she would be spending Christmas alone, and they get increasingly concerned when she is not discovered. They start looking for Terese.

Harlow is the one who locates Terese on the Lassiters’ roof, but not before receiving the Glen report.

Terese is inebriated on the roof. Terese tosses the report off the roof when Harlow argues that Glen is up to no good and attempts to show her the report, but she loses her balance in the process and ends up struggling to cling on to the edge of the building to escape a big fall…


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