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Neighbours reveals new health drama for Paul in 14 spoiler pictures

Your complete gallery of images showcasing what’s in store for Ramsay Street in the week ahead, beginning Monday, February 21.

Monday, February 21:

Levi has had to deal with a terrifying situation. Levi was held at gunpoint by an anxious and paranoid stranger while looking for information on Gareth.

Freya has a conversation with Levi. She’s looking for answers about what happened earlier.

Levi’s assistance has been greatly appreciated by Freya. The earlier encounter, though, has left Levi disturbed.

Zara and Hendrix spend more time together. Zara has affections for Jimi Hendrix.

Zara takes a step forward. She kisses him on the lips.

Hendrix is taken aback. He’s still loyal to Mackenzie, thus Zara’s actions astound him.

Thursday, February 24:

David and Aaron have been surprised. Leo has made up his mind that he wants Abigail back in his life.

Aaron is going through a difficult time. He’s fallen in love with Abigail all over again.

Aaron returns Abigail to her. David is torn between Leo’s and Aaron’s wishes.

Leo prepares himself for a new beginning. He understands that it is up to him to provide Abigail with everything she deserves.

Friday, February 25:

Paul was brought to the hospital. Glen discovered him unresponsive.

Paul’s deception came back to bite him. Despite his claims of illness, no one trusted him following his previous deceptions.

Paul is being observed. Terese considers paying Paul a visit, but quickly realises that he is no longer her concern.

Karl keeps an eye on Paul. Is Paul going to be okay?


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