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Neighbours reveals turning point for David, Aaron and Nicolette in 30 pictures

Your complete gallery of images showcasing what’s coming up on UK screens in the week beginning Monday, November 8.

Tuesday, November 9:

David, Aaron, and Nicolette have a huge day ahead of them. To commemorate the birth of baby Isla, a family photograph has been planned.

With Isla, David and Aaron pose. It’s a heartwarming moment for the couple after the dramas and stresses of recent months.

Aaron and David are both proud fathers. However, the matter remains complicated since Nicolette is not abiding by the original parental arrangement.

Nicolette, Isla, David, and Aaron pose with Jane. The photoshoot has been organised by Jane in the hopes of reuniting Nicolette, David, and Aaron.

Nicolette, David, and Aaron are having fun with Isla. For the time being, their recent enmity is forgotten.

More photographs of the parenting trio may be found here. Jane keeps a tight eye on the results of her strategy.

Isla with Nicolette, David, and Aaron. Nicolette feels relieved that they’re all getting along better for the day.

The wonderful day might be a watershed moment. Later in the week, David proposes a custody arrangement that they can all agree on without the need for attorneys.

Wednesday, November 10:

Hendrix is thinking about love. For the first time, he and Mackenzie have agreed to sleep together.

Hendrix makes an effort to make the occasion memorable. He lights candles and attempts to create the ideal romantic atmosphere.

Hendrix is still making arrangements. It’s time for a relaxing supper.

The plans of Jimi Hendrix go awry. A little fire starts to burn.

Hendrix is terrified. His objectives may be jeopardised.

Mackenzie shows up for her night with Hendrix. Hendrix is concerned that the moment will be spoiled.

Hendrix is having a bad day. His well-laid intentions have definitely backfired.

Mackenzie is a strong supporter. She makes it plain that she is unconcerned about the previous snafu.

Mackenzie has a positive outlook on life. She informs out that every storey begins with a minor mishap.

Hendrix and Mackenzie make an attempt to save the evening. The mood gradually improves.

Hendrix and Mackenzie get friendly. It’s a memorable occasion for the pair.

Mackenzie and Hendrix lean in for a kiss. It all starts with their beautiful night.

Friday, November 12:

Mick Allsop has returned to Erinsborough. A position at Lassiters has been offered to the difficult individual.

Harlow is to blame for the current scenario. Mick’s appointment was orchestrated by her to generate further difficulties for Chloe.

Mick will undoubtedly make his presence known. He isn’t going to be an ideal employee.

Harlow is interested in seeing how her actions will play out. She’s been conspiring against Chloe for a few weeks now.

Chloe has a bad feeling about the situation. Harlow, she believes, had something to do with Mick’s coming.

Mick is still causing a stir. There’ll be turmoil at the hotel.

Mick and Harlow have a conversation. Has she made a major blunder?

Mick unpacks his belongings and settles in. He doesn’t appear to be doing much work.

The scenario continues to perplex Chloe. She’s trying to figure out what’s going on.

Mick is under Chloe’s watchful eye. But will Harlow’s deception be exposed once more?


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