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Neighbours script producer responds to retcon claims over Paul’s mother

The script producer for Neighbours has replied to suggestions that Paul Robinson’s mother was retconned in a recent episode.

Paul was seen in marriage counselling with Terese Willis on Thursday’s programme in the UK (which has yet to air in Australia).

Paul was questioned by the therapist if there was a time in his youth that had a lasting influence on his life when addressing his excessive overprotectiveness with his family and continual involvement in their lives.

Paul, who was visibly upset as he spoke about his mother Anne’s death, expressed sorrow for how he handled her condition before she died.

He said that he felt bad for not stepping up to support his family at the time, saying: “I couldn’t be bothered until it was too late since my family needed me. I didn’t put forth enough effort.”

Some viewers pointed out after the programme aired that Anne had died in childbirth when Lucy was born.

On Twitter, script producer Shane Isheev acknowledged that this was still the case, but that she was also sick during the pregnancy.

He wrote, “A few essential sentences were eliminated in the edit.” “She died while giving birth to Lucy, although she had a difficult pregnancy and was sick the entire time.”

Paul is presently attempting to reclaim Terese, and is hopeful that marital counselling and other encouraging indicators will lead to their long-awaited reunion.

However, Paul takes a tremendous risk the following week when he reverts to his old habits and lies to Terese about his health in order to keep her in the penthouse.


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