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Neighbours sets up Terese Willis’s guilt over storm disaster

Terese Willis has been left with reason to blame herself for Erinsborough’s storm calamity, thanks to another heartbreaking storyline on Neighbours.

Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) was a prominent character in the show’s most recent episode, which featured dangerous weather that caused chaos on Kyle Canning and Roxy Willis’ wedding day.

Kyle (Chris Milligan) and Roxy (Zima Anderson) married in a lovely ceremony at Lassiters on Tuesday’s episode of Channel 5, but their wedding celebration was threatened by a power outage due to a storm in the area.

Terese recommended that they all move to the Flamingo Bar to continue the party, as the bride, groom, and raucous guests all demanded a solution.

Terese was alarmed to see the storm causing damage across the Lassiters complex, including at The Waterhole, as everyone hurried over there.

Terese contacted Jim, the building manager, and asked if it was safe to keep the Flamingo Bar open.

Due to the magnitude of the storm, Jim quickly announced that all buildings would have to be evacuated as a precaution.

Terese went over to raise the alarm, but was briefly sidetracked by something within the complex that attracted her eye. This was not presented to the audience, but Terese appeared to be shaken.

Terese arrived late, but she was powerless to prevent a catastrophe from unfolding when a telegraph pole fell down in the storm and slammed into the Flamingo Bar.

Terese stood there in disbelief, and the end-of-episode promo depicted her feeling guilty during a memorial ceremony.

Will Terese be able to forgive herself for her part in the incident?


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