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Neighbours Spoilers – Aaron and Leo battle for custody of Abigail

On Neighbours next week, Leo’s family tries to persuade him to keep baby Abigail, while Aaron hopes he’s ready to give her up for forever.

These scenes will premiere in the United Kingdom on Monday, February 21st, and in Australia on Thursday, March 3rd.

In recent episodes, Leo (Tim Kano) has asked his brother David (Takaya Honda) and his husband Aaron (Matt Wilson) to care for Abigail, his child with the recently deceased Britney (Montana Cox).

Leo had no intention of becoming a father, so when Britney arrived in Erinsborough in late 2021 with his kid in tow, it came as a complete surprise. Now that Britney has left him, he’s a single father to a child he didn’t even want.

He’s ashamed that he hasn’t built a bond with his own daughter, but he’s wise enough to realise that the best thing for Abigail is for David and Aaron to take over as her parents.

After all, they built a bond with her during the baby exchange fiasco, when they mistook her for their genuine daughter, Isla, for weeks.

While David is taken aback by his brother’s plea, Aaron gradually becomes more optimistic in the weeks ahead.

He was heartbroken when he had to say goodbye to Abigail when Leo and Britney relocated to Wollongong, and now the prospect of being Abigail’s father once more excites him.

Sure, he was apprehensive at first when he realised that, thanks to David’s position at Erinsborough Hospital and Nicolette’s function as Harold’s manager, he’d most likely be the one caring for the two infant girls. Because of the flexibility of his job at The Shed – so much so that we haven’t seen him there in months – he’ll be the only one who can work from home during the day.

However, the prospect of becoming a father to Abigail quickly wins him over.

So, this week (UK: Wednesday 16th February / Aus: Monday 28th February), Aaron makes a surprising action without consulting David, securing their place as her legal guardians.

Aaron has had enough of waiting and refuses to budge on his decision, despite David’s appeals for additional time to consider it.

Instead, he approaches Leo and asks for his help in obtaining legal guardianship. The friction is tearing the couple apart, which is unusual for them.

Then, in the following episodes (UK: Wednesday 23rd February / Aus: Tuesday 8th March), Leo is torn again.

He chooses to let the boys go forward with the legal formalities necessary to win custody of Abigail, but he can’t quite bring himself to let his daughter go, even if he still doesn’t regard himself as a father figure.

Will he follow his instincts or his heart?

Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) is shocked that it has gotten to this, and believes Leo is making a major mistake. In a last-ditch effort to persuade him, she arranges a date with Roxy (Zima Anderson) and Kyle (Chris Milligan), who tell him about their own goals and dreams of starting a family.

It knocks Leo for a loop, prompting him to contemplate if he has the potential to be a decent father and whether he is ready to start his own family, even if it means being a single father.

However, as Chloe is all too aware, interfering in the lives of her loved ones never ends well.

Aaron is devastated when Leo reverses his decision and decides to keep Abigail after all. One of the most difficult things he’s ever had to do is return her to Leo.

David is also devastated; he knew there was a good chance Leo would come around, but he was looking forward to having a second child to look after.

Aaron lashes out at Chloe once more, accusing her of sabotaging his happiness and driving him to lose Abigail all over again. He’s well aware that he’s been overly devoted to Abigail, but he can’t help but shift the blame elsewhere.

Is the Tanaka/Brennan family about to be split up once more?

Zara (Freya Van Dyke) takes her love for Hendrix (Ben Turland) to the next level next week when she leans in for a kiss.

Will this latest move push Hendrix and Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) over the edge? Will Hendrix and Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) already be on the rocks because of Hendrix’s continuing backing of Zara?


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