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Neighbours Spoilers – Amy rushed to hospital after Zara fight

Amy’s plan for a new business venture in Neighbours next week causes her and Zara to grow apart. Could a medical emergency then irrevocably separate them?

These episodes will premiere in the United Kingdom on Monday, January 24th, and in Australia on Thursday, January 27th.

Amy Greenwood (Jacinta Stapleton) should know by now that her entrepreneurial attempts are doomed to fail.

After a 20-year hiatus, she returned to Erinsborough in late 2020 when she learned that Lassiters were looking for someone to create a new outfit. Her modern take on the hotel uniform drew Terese and Paul’s attention, and it wasn’t long before she landed the coveted contract.

However, it was then revealed that the drawings were the same ones she had created for her previous airline, which had since gone bankrupt. When the airline was saved from bankruptcy, they threatened to prosecute Lassiters for the stolen blueprints, which escalated the situation.

She soon teamed up with her then-boyfriend Shane Rebecchi (Nicholas Coghlan) to open a café/boutique clothing shop in the tram.

Amy accidentally knocked a propane gas canister into the tram, causing the valve to open and begin spewing gas. After inhaling in the unpleasant chemicals, she and her love rival Dipi (Sharon Johal) both became unconscious, forcing Shane to pick between his two love interests.

Amy returned to Erinsborough and took a position as manager of the Flamingo Bar, Erinsborough’s hottest new hotspot, and things have been more steady for the past few months. After a victorious volleyball competition, she proved herself, and the bar has been a roaring success ever since.

Unfortunately, the bar is destroyed in dramatic way by this week’s storm, as a telegraph pole collapses through the wooden construction, partially destroying it.

Flamingo Bar is in such a bad way.

And poor Amy, who is now unemployed. She signed a lease on her Lassiters apartment soon before her daughter Zara (Freya Van Dyke) arrived in town, and now that she’s supporting the two of them, her outgoings are more than ever – thus she’s in desperate need of a new employment.

In true Amy Greenwood fashion, she makes an impulsive purchase and is the proud owner of a food truck in the blink of an eye.

Amy’s white truck, branded with the slogan ‘The Best Street Food’ and in severe need of a paint job, may not appear to be much at the moment, but it’s a means for her to achieve financial independence.

Clearly, she hasn’t heard that food trucks and Australian soap characters don’t mix, and here’s hoping hers doesn’t end up like Ryder and Chloe’s truck in Summer Bay.

It doesn’t take long for buyer’s remorse to set in – was her rash purchase a touch too rash? Has she got what it takes to create a hospitality company from the ground up?

Zara, on the other hand, only wants her mother’s attention.

Because of her employment as an air hostess, Amy was a somewhat absent mother for the majority of Zara’s youth. Zara thought that now that her mother is a little more settled in Erinsborough, it was a good time to pay her a visit and form the close link she’d always desired.

She moved to Erinsborough after feeling abandoned by her father in Queensland, but she’s finding it difficult to keep up with Amy’s hectic life in suburban Melbourne.

There was also Amy’s polyamorous relationship with Ned (Ben Hall) and Levi to consider (Richie Morris). Amy eventually chose to chill things up with the duo to allow her a chance to reunite with her daughter, Zara, who wasn’t charmed by the fact that her mother was dating two guys.

Zara, on the other hand, is pushed over the edge by Amy’s latest attempt. Zara is aware that expanding the business will consume the majority of her mother’s time, and she is dissatisfied. Desperate, she decides it’s time to wreak havoc once more.

She enrols in Erinsborough High School, but things don’t go as planned. When she is forced to cope with cruel students and aggressive teachers, she is pushed to her breaking point, and when this is mixed with everything she is dealing with at home, it all becomes too much for her.

She sets off the fire alarm at the school, directly in front of Jane (Annie Jones), to attract some attention.

Worse, when the fire trucks arrive at the school, Zara displays no remorse for the mayhem she’s created. Jane is taken aback by this new student’s flagrant disregard for the rules.

Amy is perplexed as well, but eventually discovers that her kid is merely acting up because she wants to spend time with her.

However, just as it appears that they are set to reconcile, events take an unexpected turn. During an enhancement, Zara pushes Amy hard and then walks away. Amy is in excruciating discomfort as she leans against her new food truck.

Amy collapses from a lack of oxygen and urgently requires assistance! Thankfully, Ned discovers her and rushes her to the hospital, but she is in grave danger.

Zara is filled with remorse as soon as she realises what has happened, and all she wants is for Amy to be okay. Zara is terrified that her mother will not wake up after a long night of waiting with Ned.

What have you done, Zara?!


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