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Neighbours Spoilers – Can Chloe and Harlow bring Mick down?

As Mick continues to wreck havoc in Erinsborough, can Harlow and Chloe eventually put their differences aside to get rid of him on Neighbours in the UK?

Allsop, Mick (Joel Creasey). It’s a moniker that sends shivers down many Erinsborough residents’ spines.

Aaron (Matt Wilson) and David (Takaya Honda) would have winced if you had spoken the name a few years ago. There are a lot more folks on the list now.

Harlow (Jemma Donovan) has been kicking herself since she messed up Chloe’s (April Rose Pengilly) hiring procedure and made Mick the winning applicant for a job at the hotel. It started off as a ruse to smear Chloe’s reputation with Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou), but it’s ended up causing Harlow a lot of grief.

Mick has joined Lassiters as the Front Desk Manager, rebranded as “Michel” to reflect his “homosexual ancestry.” He has no idea what he’s doing, which is unfortunate for everyone around him. Furthermore, he is rubbing everyone the wrong way.

Chloe now has a mission: to get rid of Mick!

Chloe gave Harlow an overview of her strategy last week after realising that the only way to achieve this is to recruit the support of Harlow — her adversary and the very reason why he’s here in the first place. To performance manage Mick out of the firm, everything he does poorly has to be documented down.

Chloe was insistent as the two watched him file his nails.

She said Harlow, “I need you to film his every action.”

The drama had already begun when Mick allowed himself into Amy’s (Jacinta Stapleton) flat, unbeknownst to Chloe and Harlow. Mick barged into her new unit, either on purpose or by accident, and claimed it was a mistake, blaming the front desk management for the key mix-up.

So it’s understandable that Amy is enraged when she finds that Mick is in charge of all the room access keys. She’s eager to respond, stating that she’ll talk with Chloe, but Mick has other plans.

He makes a surprising revelation while getting up up and personal with Amy, something he could only have learned from snooping about her room.

“There’s been talk around the hotel about a tiny itch that’s been circulating,” he says, alluding to the crab outbreak that’s been sweeping Lassiters.

Of fact, the only reason he knows Amy is involved is because he noticed a bottle of parasite-killing lotion in her chamber.

Amy puts her foot down, refusing to be blackmailed. Mick may say whatever he wants, but she will always tell Chloe the truth.

Mick’s persuasive skills, on the other hand, appear to be too great, as he persuades Amy to keep her mouth shut and not denounce him to Chloe.

Amy goes out to locate her boyfriends, enraged that she caved, only to discover that Ned has now been stricken by the sickness.

Amy is convinced that she was never bitten by the bugs and that purchasing the medication was only a precaution, so she’s baffled as to how Ned managed to get them. Fortunately, they don’t have to wait long to realise that Ned and Levi had been using the same towel by accident, which doesn’t help their already strained relationship.

Is there a chance that the bugs are about to take hold of another member of the Canning family, despite the fact that they have tracked down Ned’s connection to the bugs? With mention of Sheila doing the laundry and being out of laundry powder, is there a chance the bugs are about to take hold of another member of the Canning family?

Meanwhile, Mick’s reign of terror continues, despite the fact that Amy has been dealt with.

He’s currently attempting to put up a Santa workshop at Toadie’s (Ryan Moloney) legal firm.

He informs Toadie, “I have a lead on a real live reindeer we can put up in your kitchenette.”

When Toadie realises Mick is being serious, he’s less than impressed, but the effort to get rid of him intensifies when he runs into a surprised David. Mick’s vision is hampered by the multiple enormous Christmas bags and flowers he’s carrying as he continues on his quest to put his mark on the hotel, and the two physically collide into each other.

“Mick, what are you doing here?” David says, his cheeks flushed with contempt. “And why are you dressed like a Lassiter?”

While Mick tells David that he’s merely there to get a job, David is concerned that he’s returned because he’s still fascinated with Aaron. After everything the Brennan and Tanaka families have gone through in the last year, they don’t need anything further to put their friendship in jeopardy.

“Is that the sole reason you’ve come here, to work?” David is perplexed, unwilling to believe his husband’s previous stalker has returned to town. He cautions, “So you’re not here for Aaron, since you know we’re metres from a police station?”

Despite “Michel” telling David that he has nothing to be concerned about – Aaron is no longer his type, and he’s now interested in “older cashed up men” who can maintain him in the lifestyle he desires – David is concerned. David goes immediately to his sister-in-law, Chloe, and tells her to find a method to get rid of the new front desk manager.

Chloe had no clue he was “that Mick,” the same man who pursued Aaron years ago, and she now regrets employing him even more.

A distraught Chloe pleads with Harlow for assistance.

“Enough is enough; he must leave,” she says.

Will Harlow accept to take responsibility for the mess she created?


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