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Neighbours Spoilers – Can Melanie get rid of Rose once and for all?

Toadie finds himself between a rock and a hard place with two of the key ladies in his life on next week’s Neighbours in the UK.

These episodes will begin airing on Monday, September 27th.

It would be a mistake to suggest that Toadfish Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) has always had an easy time with ladies. Even as a youth, the father of two was plagued by terrible luck with women.


Dee (Madeleine West), Steph (Carla Bonner), and Sonya (Eve Morey) are his three spouses, all of whom have died or divorced. His relationships all fizzled out at various points.

But it appears that he has pushed away not just his lover Melanie (Lucinda Cowden), but also his closest friend Amy this week (Jacinta Stapleton).

First and foremost, Melanie!

Over the previous few months, the two have had their ups and downs. However, when Toadie learned more about his girlfriend’s history, things began to spiral out of control. He realised it was time to call it quits when he and former sweetheart Rose (Lucy Durack) stumbled found her at a covert rendezvous with her ex, Justin Buke (Mick O’Malley).

After all, he’d just been kissed by Rose and realised that he still cared for her.

However, he had a change of heart this week and realises that all he wants is to be in a relationship with her.

Toadie (Georgie Stone) gets some advise from Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) and chooses to dress up… or rather dress down for the occasion.

He’s wearing tiger print boxer shorts while he waits for Melanie to arrive. Unfortunately, she is not enthusiastic when she appears. He simply views her as a fun alternative, not as a serious relationship, she feels. This just serves to widen the chasm between them.


With Father’s Day approaching, Toadie’s children, Nell (Scarlett Anderson) and Hugo (John Turner), are disappointed when they hear that Melanie’s plan for them – a day at the zoo with her and Toadie – will not be carried out.

All is salvaged, though, when Rose swoops in with a spectacular Father’s Day lunch at the beach. At least, that’s how Toadie sees it. It’s obvious that Nell doesn’t want to be there, and she’s not thrilled to see Rose joking about with her father.

After the picnic, the stars align, and Melanie and Toadie enjoy a hot beat together, as they frequently do in Erinsborough. Melanie was disappointed when she discovered the intimate gathering by the lake, but she was encouraged after sensing the chemistry between her and Toadie.

She tells Susan and Mackenzie, “Toadie and I had a moment at the café — it was electrifying.”


When Hendrix (Benny Turland) discloses that Rose admitted to setting up Melanie and Justin to be spotted by Toadie, Melanie appears to have all the ammo she needs to break up with Rose for good.

Will she make advantage of it? Or does she have anything else in mind?

Now it’s over to Amy!

Toadie established certain ground rules when she began her polyamorous relationship with Levi (Richie Morris) and Ned (Ben Hall). She doesn’t flaunt it in front of Nell and Hugo, the cardinal.


But this week, Nell starts asking questions, which makes Toadie feel uneasy!

Nell saw her father’s closest friend in a passionate embrace with Levi after interrogating Ned about his relationship status with Amy, and he admitted she was his girlfriend.

Toadie is understandably displeased when Nell presents him with a sketch of Amy and her boyfriends.

Toadie delivers Amy the picture and expresses his displeasure when she comes home. If Amy is meant to be discreet, he doesn’t see why she is even asking questions.


But it appears that he goes too far when he says that if things with Ned and Levi were serious, he wouldn’t mind Amy revealing it.

Amy is taken aback and can’t believe what she’s hearing. She’s had it with Levi’s family, notably his grandma Sheila (Colette Mann), and has received strange stares and rude comments, but now she simply feels that Toadie views her position as two casual flings rather than the serious partnerships they are.

Amy tries to defend her relationship while fighting back tears, but Toadie isn’t having it. He says something that none of them expects him to say.

“Right now, I’m thinking having you move in was the worst kamagra apteka mistake I’ve ever made,” he adds, his tone venomous.

Amy stares her buddy dead in the eyes as tears well up in her eyes, devastated that he could think such a thing.

Is the friendship going to be able to mend itself? Is this for the House of Blouser, or is it for the House of Blouser?


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