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Neighbours Spoilers – David, Aaron and Nic heal their rift, but a sinister gift awaits

Following a fun-filled day, Nicolette is unaware to the idea that someone is watching her on next week’s Neighbours in the UK…

These episodes will begin airing on Monday, November 8th.

As the baby storey that is the struggle for Isla (Axelle Austin) progresses, the co-parenting three is ultimately brought closer together by a suggestion from an unusual source.

After running into Jane (Annie Jones) at Harold’s, Chloe sees an opportunity to ask if Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) can come over to No. 32 for some cuddles with the baby – after weeks of heartache as a result of her and Paul’s (Stefan Dennis) marital troubles, Terese needs some time with the newborn.

Chloe is overjoyed when Jane lends her consent to the scheme. But that’s not the end of her brilliance; during this talk, she adds something she thinks might be able to help with the road jitters.

A picture shoot for a baby!

Returning the notion to the three parents, there is some hesitancy at first. They haven’t been on the greatest of terms recently – after all, the boys threatened to sue Nicolette with a criminal lawyer – and the concept of portraying happy families in front of a camera isn’t on any of their wish lists.

Jane is able to close the sale with a little bit of waffling.

“Isla will be a teenager in the blink of an eye,” she warns them, encouraging them to do it now, while she is still a baby, or they will miss their chance.

Jane’s persuasion is all that is required. A phone call is made, and a photographer arrives at the residence later that day.

The three relish in the excitement that comes from the session, posing in various make-ups and poses. Nicolette finds her position in the group photographs, despite her awkwardness.

The day passes swiftly as Isla is placed in various areas – including a hay pile in the garden and the sun room floor. Looking over the photographer’s photos, there’s no indication of the anguish that the triplets, as well as Isla, have gone through in recent months. They appear to be one big happy family!

As the photographer starts to depart, David and Aaron notice something: Nicolette hasn’t got a solo portrait with Isla!

Despite her concerns, David persists in pressuring the mother of his kid to accept the offer.

She expresses her delight in this manner.

Everyone is pleased with the outcome at the end of the day. Have they been able to put their disagreements aside for the benefit of their child?

Regrettably, it appears like there may be drama on the horizon.

It becomes clear that Nicolette is being observed when she sits down to watch television after a hard day.

One of Isla’s teddies has a concealed camera that is recording 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…

Meanwhile, when Kyle Canning’s (Chris Milligan) biopsy results arrive this week, he is forced to confront his problems straight on.

Despite the fact that the larrikin had known about his diagnosis for about a week, he was still waiting to see if it had spread to his lymph nodes.

Kyle now finds that he will have to endure chemotherapy as a result of the worrying news. It’s a significant setback for the man, who has yet to inform his family.

While he tries to get his brain around it, it appears that his girlfriend Roxy (Zima Anderson) is attempting to assist him with a few major decisions, the first of which is whether or not to deposit sperm in case both testicles must be removed.

Roxy understands, but Kyle is having trouble accepting his diagnosis, let alone figuring out what to do next. He chews Roxy’s head off as a result.

Roxy encourages him to inform someone other than her and Toadie (Ryan Moloney), whom he told late last week, because he can’t keep doing things alone.

Kyle eventually opens out to his cousin Levi after realising that he needs his family’s help (Richie Morris).

He begins by saying, “I have testicular cancer.” “It’s spread to my lymph nodes, so I’ll have to receive treatment and have one of my balls removed.”

Levi is stunned by what he is hearing. Levi doesn’t do the cousinly thing when he realises Kyle needs help.

“I adore you, guy, and I implore you to come here!”

The cousins embrace, Levi wrapping his arms around Kyle. It’s evident that Levi will always be there for Kyle, through thick and bad.

Levi, in classic Canning flair, delivers a joke after the niceties are exchanged, causing Kyle to chuckle for the first time in weeks.

As the eldest Canning grandson’s dark moment approaches, Levi appears to have found the light he was looking for.


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