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Neighbours spoilers: David in danger from his own dad?

With his lies, Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) is on borrowed time, and the only person who can speed up that time is David (Takaya Honda), who uncovers the truth. What lengths would Paul go to in order to quiet his own son?

Paul is ridiculously excited with the idea that Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) has finally consented to give their marriage another chance after all of his games. All of your deception and deception has paid off. Terese is a really fortunate woman.

The narcissist is revelling in the fact that his family is celebrating his and Terese’s reconciliation, and his morals have been thrown out the window. However, he’s counting his chickens before they’ve even hatched because two people are suspicious of his behaviour and illness, and those two people could be the key to him breaking free.


Karl (Alan Fletcher) and David are very suspicious of Paul’s new doctor and his sudden deterioration in his recovery. David’s inquisitive intellect will not be silenced, and he intends to figure out what his gut instinct is telling him.

This could be a risky move, as the bold quack tries to put pressure on Paul in order to force him to reveal information on Dr. Russell. This does not sit well with Paul. David requests that his father undergo more scans to confirm the diagnosis, which is problematic because, of course, the diagnosis is false, and a scan will reveal that. Paul has finally reclaimed his wife, and he will go to any length to safeguard his bubble, even if it means assassinating David.

Meanwhile, David refuses to give up and continues to dig. He discovers the awful truth and, unwittingly, becomes a serious threat. What lengths will Paul go to save his future?

Scenes will begin airing on Channel 5 on Monday, February 7th.


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